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Sourcebook: The 11th Street Retreat Outdoor Design & Patios


If you’re looking for outdoor design and decor ideas, I’d say my first Huntington Beach, CA house is the blueprint for designs you’ve seen on my HGTV shows.  Why is this house, the 11th Street Retreat, so influential in my design career, you ask?  The #11thStreetRetreat was the first house I ever built!  Brett and I purchased the land in 2010 and scraped it – meaning we knocked down the old house and it was just dirt – in 2011.  In 2012, I left my full-time job to manage the construction of this house, and the rest is history.  I never went back to work and this house is where my career accidentally started. I intimately know every single detail of this home and can’t wait to share them with you.

The 11th Street Retreat Sourcebook: Part 1, The Exterior

For the exterior of the house, Brett and I decided on a “California Cape Cod” design.  Mind you, we made this version of a Cape Cod style up, but we really wanted a home that reminded us of the traditional homes we’d come to love while going to school in Boston, MA.  These homes felt timeless and the materials felt well considered, while not being in-your-face.  White trim, gray shingles and copper gutters were all prominent features in those homes we admired.  I wanted to add black lighting and hardware to give it a little bit of an industrial edge as well.  We also wanted the home to feel casual and to fit into the neighborhood.  The other thing that was super important to us was to use building materials that needed very little maintenance.  We did a ton of research trying to determine if natural wood shingles would work in our California climate and we ended up choosing to go with a cement product called Nichiha.  The entire house, though it looks like wood, is actually built with cement board.

The other important consideration for our exterior was the color.  We tried SO MANY different shades of gray before we landed on the perfect color, Sherwin-Williams “Silverplate” (SW 7649).  The white trim color is Sherwin-Williams “Extra White” (SW 7006).  We also tried at least 10 different shades of yellow for our front door and finally landed on Dunn-Edwards “Rubber Ducky” (DE 5390).

The Front Door

If you’ve watched Seasons 1 & 2 of my first HGTV show, Hidden Potential, you know I love using a Dutch door on a home’s exterior design when I can.  And my own first home was no exception!  Maybe this is the project that really cemented my love for a good Dutch door, now that I think about it.  While almost the entire front elevation of this home reads as neutral at first glance, we put a pop of fun on the side of the house by painting our front door a cheery yellow.  Coming home to a yellow door just makes you happy!

Custom Doormat // Matte Black Door Hardware // Smart Touchpad Deadbolt 

Everyone who knows me, knows that I’m a sucker for a good smart door hardware set.  Never worry about losing a key or getting locked out again!  Here’s a good view of the Nichiha siding as well.

Custom Doormat // Matte Black Door Hardware // Smart Touchpad Deadbolt 

Adding wall-mounted plants across from the Dutch door was a great way to bring greenery into the area without blocking the entrance to the side of the house.

Wall Mounted Planters // Cement Planters 1 // Cement Planter 2 // Smart Door Hardware

The Front Patio

The hardscape and architectural stacked stone is really important to the design of this home.  Having these natural elements makes the exterior feel more welcoming and grounded in nature.  We tried to find stone that had the perfect mix of gray and gold, to tie into the inside flooring and countertops.  The biggest challenge was to find stone that didn’t read purple in the shade. I love the stone we finally went with and I’ve used it on multiple projects since.

Adirondack Chairs // Outdoor Dining Set // Relax Pillow 

Adirondack Chairs // Indigo Pillow // White Ceramic Garden Stool // Snack Bowls // Handwoven Pillow // Home Pillow

Snack Bowls // Indigo Pillow

Here’s a closeup of the stone we used around the fire pit and elsewhere on the exterior.  This fire pit area is a place where many a gathering was held!

Galvanized Beverage Tub with Rope Handles

The Courtyard Patio

The cool thing about this house is that it has both the front patio and a courtyard patio that connects to the kitchen.  We made it the ultimate grill hangout area (because, hello, my husband has an entire Instagram account dedicated to cooking meat, ha!).  The board and batten siding on the chalkboard wall continues the Cape Cod feel to this courtyard.  And, if you notice, the stone used on the grill is the same as the stone we used for the fire pit.

Industrial Light // Tile Coffee Table // Metal Chairs // Chalkboard // Turquoise Pillow // Grill // Salt & Pepper Shakers

Metal Chairs // Turquoise Pillows // Metal Table // Industrial Light

Outdoor Daybed // Jute Rug // Tile Coffee Table // Wall Mounted Succulents // Kilim Pillow // Handwoven Pillow // Striped Pillow

Tile Coffee Table // Salt & Pepper Shakers // Blue Serving Bowl // Wooden Bowls

Chalkboard // Grill // Wooden Plates // Galvanized Utensil Crock // Striped Towel // Turquoise Planter

The Dog Run

Okay, I know this is weird but I actually get a lot of questions about our dog run!  We had 3 dogs when we moved into this house and zero yard.

Artificial Turf // Dog Bag Dispenser // Fire Hydrant

We decided to use every square inch of our property and asked our builder to install extra drains in the concrete on the side of the house.  I then had a local turf installer come out and install pet turf with a 1” rubber grate underneath. That way, when the dogs do their business it drains through.  We picked up regularly, but once every two weeks I would go out and hose it all down, bucket it with diluted bleach, and then treat it with this natural odor eater spray.

Artificial Turf // Dog Bag Dispenser // Fire Hydrant

The Back of the House

The back of the house opens up to an alley, but it was still important to us for it to look nice!  I found a garage door from All County Garage Doors that had a bead board detail, just like our cabinets inside.  I then decided to paint it Sherwin-Williams “Thunder Gray” (SW 7645), just like our kitchen island cabinetry, the main bath cabinetry, and the built-in bar on the third floor.  By using this color repeatedly throughout the house, it creates a cohesive design story that flows from the outside in.

The outside of the house is sometimes an afterthought to people when it comes to design, but it shouldn’t be!  If you tie in your home’s exterior with your interior design, it will set the tone for your whole house and make everything feel cohesive and intentional.

Thanks for touring the 11th Street Retreat’s Exterior and Patios!  Make sure you stick around to check out the Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room and Entryway!

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  1. Jerry Catherine

    I was wondering at the front door what are the Red capped pipes ???

    • Jasmine

      They’re access for the fire department! 🙂

  2. Erika

    where do you buy your patio decor and furniture? they look amazing!

  3. Susan Giardina

    Is the brand name of the stacked stone Eldorado. Is it single pcs. or squares of stacked stone. We are thinking of using this to put on the lower part of our house which is currently stucco.

  4. Karen

    I love the outside colors on your house! I can’t find what the white color is. Can you let me know?

  5. Lori

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and information. Picking color choices for paint is the worst part for me. The samples Never look like the color on the wall!! I am anxious to see the inside paint choice options. You have an eye for making everything look clean, fun and timeless. Thanks so much!!

  6. Evie Knutsen

    Jasmine, I love your front door. Where can I find one?

  7. Peggy Ferguson

    Hey Jasmine-
    We are building a farmhouse on our land out in the country. I ❤ dutch doors, like you, and was so surprised they were soooo expensive. $3,000 is crazy! We also can’t find 24″x96″ double doors leading out to a screen porch. Any suggestions?


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