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Sourcebook: The 11th Street Retreat Dog Cave, Stairwell & Powder Bathroom


When it comes to designing functional, hidden spaces, anybody who’s seen Hidden Potential or HELP! I Wrecked My House knows that hidden spaces are my JAM.  If you’re sitting on your own hidden space ideas but need to see them in someone else’s house, look no further than the 11th Street Retreat.  It’s the first house I ever built, and I’m sharing every little detail of this California Cape Cod home to memorialize it so I can stop being sad about selling it. ??  We’ve been touring the house room by room, and of course you knew this was coming… My all-time favorite – THE DOG CAVE!

The 11th Street Retreat Sourcebook, Part 3: The Dog Cave, Stairwell, Desk Area & Powder Bathroom

In 2012, when the house was framed (that’s when the wood walls are constructed and the house starts to take shape, but before drywall is up) Brett and I were walking the property with our builder and asked him, “what’s going there?”  We were pointing at the small triangle of space between the refrigerator and the bottom of the stairs.  “Nothing, what are you thinking?” was his response.  What he didn’t know was that simple response would open our eyes to the fun you can have with your home.  We decided to install a small desk and a “dog cave” for our pups in what would have been otherwise unused space.

The Dog Cave

The dog cave was the first room of the house I finished and it even got “remodeled” a few times over the years.  You can only imagine how excited my wallpaper installer was when I called him to install this fun Anthropologie wallpaper.  Ha!

Turquoise Chair // Sheepskin

Wallpaper // Dog Bed // Sheepskin // Oval Mirrors

The Desk Area

The desk we had installed into the space under the stairs was also a fun project.  After my carpenter built the cabinets, I installed the peel-n-stick cork on the wall myself!  The desk area not only added some storage, but it was an opportunity to add a pop of color to the kitchen.  This blue chair I found in Nantucket, MA and brought it back home with me to be the perfect little piece of “the Cape” in my California Cape Cod home.

Peel & Stick Cork Board // Turquoise Chair // Chrome Drawer Pulls // Dog Biscuit Tin // Julep Cup // Glass Canisters // Martha’s American Food // Mastering the Grill // Franklin Barbecue 

Peel & Stick Cork Board // Glass Canisters // Mastering the Grill // Franklin Barbecue

Dog Biscuit Tin // Julep Cup // Magnifying Glass // Peel & Stick Cork Board

The First-Floor Powder Room

When it came to the first-floor powder room, I loved the idea of doing something different.  What I ended up with was a vintage sewing machine table that we turned into a vanity.  I had the metal base powder coated, the top made by local artist and craftsperson Heather Roth, and my contractor helped me add the sink.  My favorite part about this vanity: I know that nobody else in the world has one just like it. ?

Oval Mirror // Vintage Sewing Table // Jute Rope // Dog Hook // Hand Towel // Chrome Faucet

Dog Hook // Hand Towel // Bar Hand Soap // Chrome Faucet // Oval Mirror

The Stairwell

When your house is only 19 feet wide, the stairwells turn into prime real estate.  I opted for a more traditional end post and paired it with square stock spindles.  For the walls, I went with a grouping of small frames instead of one big piece of art.  You can read all about how I chose the art for this wall HERE.

Peel & Stick Stair Riser Decals 

Round Vintage Basket // Antique Brass Frame //  Framed Ocean Print // Palm Print 

The vintage-meets-coastal vibe we had going for the stairwell gallery wall was rounded out perfectly by art from my friend Lamonte Lamoureux.  Gotta love a classic surf wagon in a home by the beach!



  1. Deb

    I love the whole entire house layout and designs! All the details in the stairwell, the dog cave and the powder bathroom are wonderfully brought together! They are perfect together!

  2. Ann

    Curious about your downstairs bathroom sink, source please?


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