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SOURCEBOOK: Jasmine’s First HGTV House


Jasmine’s First HGTV House

Project Overview

The Homeowners

Dominick & Melaura

The Budget


The DL

Dominick & Melaura had big dreams when they moved into this house.  But over time they slowly started to realize that it wasn’t functioning well at all for them and their two young kiddos.  They were in a bit of a pickle because it was supposed to to be their forever home, but it didn’t feel like it.  The front yard, while it had a lot of space, wasn’t usable for a growing family.  Plus, the exterior was super dated with wide square columns.  Inside, the whole home felt segmented and chopped up.  It felt like they were never all together as a family because the floor plan didn’t flow well in the least bit.  And they had a problem with the “S” word: STORAGE.  Yep, that thing I’m always talking about.  Well this house didn’t have a good storage plan and because of that, toys were EVERYWHERE.  Like a toy explosion.  Plus you add in a dated kitchen, and just like that, my to-do list was through the roof.  This was my very first project I did for HGTV, and I had my work cut out for me!

The Inspiration

The Exterior & Front Yard

When I got my hands on this house, it had a really long slanting roof line and some very large columns on the front exterior.  While that look was cool… in the 70s basically… it’s not really the vibe these days.  So we drew up a plan that cut the roof line way back and removed the center column so we could install French doors on the front of the house.  Adding board and batten siding and wrapping the bottom of the home’s exterior in architectural stone gave it a warm, casual Cape Cod feel.

We also added a gorgeous pergola over the new patio area to make the space more usable.  One of my favorite parts of this whole front yard area is the 8-foot trellis we added to either side of the patio.  They really frame the whole outdoor area and make it feel like its own room. Adding a fence to the front yard also made the area safe for the kids to play.  Overall, the whole front of the lot became a place where the family actually wanted to spend time and be together.

The landscaping made all the difference in this project – and it makes all the difference in every project, in my opinion!  The idea with the 8-foot trellises is that they’d eventually grow over the top, adding even more shade to the pergola above the patio area.  I had to add a porch swing and a swing for the kids because why not?!

The Entryway

The entryway… where do I even begin?!  The stairs were carpeted, the railing was dated and the tile flooring (which extended into the kitchen) had to go.  I wanted to make this entryway memorable but also just give it a clean, modern update.  Hanging this woven pendant light gave the entryway its “wow” moment, and I had so much fun turning the stairwell wall into a gallery wall of family memories.

Special Project: Stenciled Stair Risers

When I first saw this staircase I knew I wanted to use it to make a fun impact.  I had the idea to stencil every other stair riser, so my mother-in-law Betsy and I stenciled them by hand with black paint.  Let’s just say we had our work cut out for us, but it turned out GREAT and a stark contrast to the “before”!

The Kitchen

The kitchen before was really dark and dated.  We ended up doubling the useable space of the kitchen but also kept everything in its original place to stay within budget.  It was amazing how much bigger and more functional this kitchen became!  We replaced the old tile flooring with white oak hardwood floors throughout and added custom cabinetry.  Painting the perimeter cabinets “Extra White” by Sherwin-Williams and the island “Thunder Gray” by Sherwin-Williams added such a cool contrast (and with the yellow stools, to boot!).  Oh, and taking out that dated drop ceiling that was there before made a HUGE difference!

The farmhouse brick backsplash tiles and floating shelves really gave that custom feel.

Special Project: The Display Cabinet

I had my carpenter Brian Pollan of B & D Cabinets make a super rad bar display cabinet for Dominick and Melaura.  It’s basically a tiered display set within a glass-fronted cabinet and there’s a light on the inside, so cool glassware, special bottles and so on can be showcased.  They loved it!

The Living Room

The biggest problem with the living room before was that it was closed off, creating a bottleneck situation for toys and clutter.  I came up with another place to corral the toys (more on that later…) and we opened up the entire space to make it open to the dining area.  Opening up the space really unified the living room, dining room and kitchen as one large open-concept family space.  This was a game-changer for Dominick and Melaura!

With this angle you can get a peek at how the French doors we added to the front of the house (once that pesky middle column was gone!) really opened up the room.  The French doors open right out into the new pergola-covered patio area in the front yard.  This joins the two spaces and really encourages that indoor/outdoor living that we love in California so much!

Special Project: The Kid Cave

To come up with a new solution for the toy problem in the living room, we converted a useless closet under the entryway stairs into a thoughtful and COOL space for the kiddos to hang out and play.  I had so much fun making this kid cave feel like their own little house.  I added an industrial light fixture, a mailbox, and I even put in a Dutch door the same color as the front of the main house.  Not only is the Dutch door cute, but it makes it easy to keep air flowing and keep an eye on the kids when they’re using the space.

The Dining Area

The dining area was basically nonexistent before – this room was more of a closed-off sitting area with lots of toys!  We took down a wall in the living area and that gave us the ability to add in this dining space off the kitchen.  The farm table can seat 8-10 people, which is awesome!

Special Project: The Fireplace

The fireplace before was in great shape, it was just dated.  So we spruced it up by wrapping it in drywall and wallpapering over the drywall with a grasscloth wallpaper.  We kept the brick around the fire box and painted it black.  The finishing touch was to add a super gorgeous vintage piece of wood as the mantle.  I picked up the mantle while on a thrifting field trip to Junk Style Design – I get SO MUCH good stuff from them!

The Bathroom

Bonus time!  We didn’t even have time to show this bathroom’s makeover in the actual episode, but it’s a good one!

The Backyard

Okay so we didn’t really touch the backyard on this project, but we did technically add one BIG game-changer to the backyard area…

Special Project: The Hydraulic Pass-Through Window

We added this custom hydraulic pass-through window so food and drinks can be easily passed from the kitchen to the backyard and vice versa.  To make this window even more usable, we created a custom table that sits right underneath the window.  The table is another score from Junk Style Design that we added new legs to and topped with a roll of rusted zinc.  We even put a TV out there!  All in all, this is still one of my absolute favorite projects I’ve ever done, and that’s pretty special considering it was my first for HGTV.  The homeowners said, “I can’t believe this is our house” and “Jasmine hit a homerun with this,” so it’s safe to say they loved it just as much as I do!


Want every single specification for this house?  Tile, flooring, appliances, lights, paint… the list goes on!  Download the Built Custom Homes design sheet for this project.





  1. Paula

    I have to say, for a 2016 renovation this look is timeless. This is my biggest goal of someday we renovate our home. Your works had always been incredible.

    • Vanesa

      All of Jasmines projects, always come out spectacular! I hope to one day have my house beautified by her.
      P.s. Hidden Potential is my go to show

  2. Drusilla Maldonado

    Love Jasmine and everything she does, she’s so talented, I love her thoughtfulness in her designs
    I’m just such a fan she seems so kind and she’s just winning in Life. She is Such a positive inspiration! I’m still working on owning my own Home one day, but it will totally be inspired by Jasmine Roth Design ✨

  3. Sandy

    Jasmine’s spirit and heart shine through on all her projects. ♥️

  4. Mary Ann Ward

    I remember this house. It was a great makeover. Loved the front yard


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