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Season 2, Episode 2 – Family Space and Storage: Kitchen

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Hidden Potential Season 2 Episode 2

Would you just look at this beautiful kitchen? I mean, before, it wasn’t bad. Not at all. But it just didn’t speak to John and Ann. It didn’t capture their personalities. It didn’t say anything about their family. It was new and kind of cold and sterile. We did keep and match some of the main components of the kitchen, so most of the design work in this room had to do with warming things up and infusing some SPIRIT and CHARACTER. And, if you didn’t know this already, SPIRIT and CHARACTER are my jam.

(If you missed this episode, you can watch it on iTunes HERE and on Amazon HERE.)

As always, we started with a snazzy little design board to make sure everything was cohesive and awesome.

Now, I DID end up changing out the backsplash (the existing one was just too generic for me to bear), and I spray painted the existing hardware white for the same reason. I brought some color into the room with the base of the kitchen island and used a large scale letterboard, a custom ombre painted, potted Herb Garden, and a killer, never-before seen hidden AND automated Lazy Suzan (which also works great as a meditation mat) to really saturate the design with some personality.

Read on for the details of this Kitchen Design from the ground up.

Flooring: As you’ll soon become aware, if you’re not already, I am currently obsessed with Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT if you’re in the biz), and am keen to put it absolutely everywhere that I possibly can. Especially when it’s in a home with young children, and especially when we are trying to do a million different things on a hard-line budget. For this house, I chose Provenza Moda Living Collection in Sweet Talker. And, as always, Marquez floors stepped up and threw down (I think you can do both of those things at the same time; in fact, I’m certain you can, because that is exactly what was done here) with a flawless installation job. Source: Provenza, Moda Living – Sweet Talker, Marquez Wood Floors

Cabinets and Hardware: We kept the Ikea TINGSRYD Cabinet Doors in the Wood Effect Black finish, and extended the kitchen’s footprint by adding an additional bay of cabinets. I kept the original hardware, as well, but spray painted it white to give it some oomph and pazazz. The beautiful kitchen island (painted in Sherwin WIlliams Watery) was custom made by local woodworker extraordinaire, Micah Girelli of Girelli Woodworking fame.

Countertops and Backsplash: I switched out the gray glass backsplash in favor of the friendliest little tile I know: Penny Rounds. If you know a friendlier tile in the world, I’d sure like to know about it. I kept and matched the existing marble-look quartz countertop, and juxtaposed those against a warm, 1-3/4″ thick maple butcher block square edge workbench top on the island. THEN…(and this is where things start to get a little CRAY), I conspired with Micah to create a HIDDEN Lazy Suzan that is INTEGRATED into the butcher block countertop. You have to see it to believe it.

Plumbing and Appliances: We kept all of the stainless steel appliances, which were brand new, but I did switch out the kitchen faucet for something a little more fun, which I can personally vouch for myself because I currently have the exact same faucet in my own kitchen. Source: Faucet

Lighting, Furniture, and Accessories: I chose a cool, cluster pendant light that tied in nicely with the black wood cabinets. Then, I started layering and layering, with each additional layer adding warmth, texture, color, and personality to the room. On that note, there’s something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about. You may notice that I almost always use rugs in my kitchens, which scares some people off, but most of the time they are washable and it’s a really great way to soften up a lot of hard edges in a room. I just wanted to put that out there, on the record: I am a staunch supporter of kitchen rugs.


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And there you go! Episode 2, over and out. Well, almost. Just a few more things, real quick. Don’t forget to check out the Season 2, Episode 1 specific Pinterest Board. AND the other post about this same episode that details, well, everything else other than the kitchen: Season 2 Episode 2 – Family Space and Storage: Overview. Oh, and of course I would love to invite you to join me on Monday nights, 9pm ET/PT (8pm CT) on HGTV for ALL NEW EPISODES OF HIDDEN POTENTIAL!! And make sure to join me for next week’s blog post as I share all the BTS details of Season 2, Episode 3: A House for the Girl Gang. And that’s really it. For now. I promise.


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  1. Jasmin

    amazing like always. I get plenty of ideas from watching this show. Love it. Doing the Terracotta planters in my kitchen window this weekend. I going to try periwinkle, electric blue and lilac. I am excited.


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