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Season 2, Episode 1 – Welcome Home: Overview


Hidden Potential 205 Welcome Home

Welcome, welcome to Season 2 of my HGTV series, Hidden Potential!!! I am SO excited for you to join me this season as we take SEVENTEEN cookie cutter houses and remodel them into well-curated, totally custom dream homes. For each episode, there will be a coordinating blog post sharing all of my design specs, staging sources, and behind the scenes insights.

On this house, I worked with Ryan from Jones Custom Builder to help homeowners Cherise and Anthony tackle a remodel that was in the making since one month before their youngest daughter was born.

(If you missed this episode, you can watch it on iTunes HERE and on Amazon HERE.)

First, let’s meet the homeowners:

Hidden Potential 205 Welcome Home

SO cute, right?

Here’s a quick overview of their project:

The Homeowners: Cherise and Anthony

The Budget: $115,000

The DL: These two young parents purchased this home when Cherise was eight months pregnant with their youngest daughter (now one year old). Understandably, they haven’t had the time or energy to take on a renovation yet. With my help, they wanted to give the front of their home more curb appeal, rearrange the floor plan to work for a young family with little children, and update some key features of their mid-century track home.

The Plan: I played some musical chairs with the floor plan, changed the current playroom into the dining room, and dedicated the current dining room over to the kitchen.  I updated the staircase, revamped the kitchen entirely, and put in all new flooring. Outside, a fresh coat of paint, removal of the bulky front wall, addition of a tree house, and a new garage door and front door helped tell this family’s story.

As always, the design started with a Pinterest Board, and a carefully considered color story.


So, this home actually had some interesting architectural features and a really nice tree working in its favor. Other than that, it was exactly the same as every fifth house on the street, the landscaping was hazardous for young children, and there was really nothing particularly remarkable or personalized about it. It was time to change all that!

Hidden Potential 205 Welcome Home

One of my favorite things we did to the exterior of this house was sandblasting the original beams to bring them back to a natural wood grain. Not only were we able to maintain this original feature of the home, but also to emphasize it, and use it to create visual impact and definition.

Hidden Potential 205 Welcome Home

What a huge difference in the front entry! Before, everything was a little haphazard, with that strange, offset front door and the off-center hanging lantern. Now, with some vintage accents (courtesy of my faves, Junk Style Design) and lots of green, it’s an inviting, warm, friendly entrance that almost makes it hard to go inside since it would be so lovely to just sit on that faded green bench in the shade with a book and some lemonade. Not that I’ve done that myself. At least not since they moved back in. That would be weird.

Another favorite project? You guessed it: the tree house. You should have seen Brian’s face when I asked him to come help me with this project. He was a little miffed, I could tell, and he more or less said he was a cabinet maker, not a tree house builder, but agreed, begrudgingly, to help. But, like always, we had a blast working together on it because, come on, we’re building a TREE HOUSE, and what’s more fun than that?! And even Brian had to agree that it turned out really, really cute.

Hidden Potential 205 Welcome Home

I love projects like this because you can look at them and glean some real information about the family who lives inside the home. Clearly, now, this family has two young children who like to play outdoors and enjoy their neighborhood.

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Hidden Potential 205 Welcome Home

Hidden Potential 205 Welcome Home

Can I just say, I HEART this dining room so darn much! Cane cabinets, wine storage, T&G ceilings, a painted brick fireplace. Sigh. And to think, all this potential greatness was lost in the clutter of a playroom before!?!

Now, this room is the perfect place for these two young parents to come unwind with a glass of wine after the kids go to bed: alone, together, or with some friends. And, even though there are a lot of solid elements in here (built-ins, fireplace, large table), it all still manages to feel bright and airy. Love, LOVE, LOVE.

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Hidden Potential 205 Welcome Home

Hidden Potential 205 Welcome Home

This living room looked like something out of a college apartment before we arrived. It was sparse, boring, and totally lacking in any character. Once we opened up the kitchen wall, the living room instantly felt friendlier and more accessible.

A few things I’d like to point out here. First, what a difference updating the carpeting on that staircase made! Next, can you believe the transformation of the front entryway?! Just changing out that strange, asymmetrical wooden door was EVERYTHING. Lastly, what a great use of space under the stairs. It now functions as an office AND toy storage, with the help of some cute storage bins.

To finish things off, I added lots of layers of texture and pattern, a comfy sofa as part of a conversational layout, and an adorable doll house and there you have it: a bright, inviting living area great for hosting family and friends alike.

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And that’s not all, folks! Make sure to read all about this episode’s kitchen in the Season 2, Episode 1 – Welcome Home: Kitchen post. There’s just too much goodness to try to cram it all into one post here. Also, you should really check out the episode specific Pinterest Board. And join me for next week’s blog post as I share all the BTS details of Season 2, Episode 2: Family Space and Storage.

AND join me for ALL NEW EPISODES of Hidden Potential on HGTV, MONDAYS at 9pm ET/PT (8pm CT).

Thank you so much for joining me for another season of amazing home makeovers for some really wonderful people and neighbors. I love what I do, and the town I live in, and the local craftspeople and families I get to work with, and I always hope that joy and gratitude comes across in each and every episode of the show. AND I love that I get to share it all with you! Please reach out if you have questions about any of our sources or projects. I always want to make this blog as transparent as I can, so you can take on any of the projects we do armed with as much information as possible.



  1. Lori

    Love Love Love! Another Fabulous remodel!

    • The Blog by JR

      Thank you Lori! You just made my day!!

  2. Brian

    Outstanding job Jasmine. It looks so much lighter brighter and friendlier. It’s now a very attractive home with coordinating colors and textures. I love the natural wood beams on the front porch. It looks so much nicer. Great job overall!

    • The Blog by JR

      Thank you, Brian!! Your kind words and support mean everything!

  3. Anita

    I realize this may be on odd question and you may not know the answer, but I loved the tree in front of the house featured in season 2 episode 1. Would you happen to know what it is?

    • Jasmine

      It was an original and I don’t know what is is unfortunately!

  4. Jane

    Exterior paint color and flooring used. Beautiful job!
    Thank you


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