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Season 2, Episode 1 – Welcome Home: Kitchen


Hey there! Since we’re talking about the very first episode of Season 2 of Hidden Potential on HGTV, you might need a little refresher, in which case you can watch it on iTunes HERE and on Amazon HERE. Also, you should absolutely read the Season 2, Episode 1 – Welcome Home: Overview post that details the exterior of the home and all of the other awesome rooms inside, HERE.)

Now, let’s talk KITCHENS!!

The original kitchen in this home was small, closed off, and had some really terrible lighting that resembled a disco floor, but on the ceiling. The plan was to open up a few walls to create an open concept floor plan, and, in doing so, to take over the former dining room and use that space to create a larger kitchen footprint that would now incorporate an eat-in kitchen nook.

Hidden Potential 205 Kitchen

Hidden Potential 205 Kitchen

All of these awesome Before and Afters came with no small amount of planning and design. As always, we started with a Pinterest Board, and then a Design Board as our project foundations.

Read on for the details of this design from the ground up. I would like to start by pointing out some of my favorite elements of this particular design:

  1. Eat-In Kitchen: With two young children, having an eat-in kitchen is more or less a necessity. This built-in kitchen nook with cozy bench seating is great for meal times, and also for crafts and activities while the parents are working in the kitchen.
  2. Pass Through Window: There is just something inherently fun about having a pass-through window. The kid-me would have loved playing drive-through at this window. Actually, who am I kidding? The adult-me would love it, too! Not only is this project fun and cute, but it is also hugely functional, making entertaining in the backyard so much easier. We used Fold Up Windows for this project and were beyond happy with the results.
  3. Pizza Making Station: This little gem of a project wasn’t covered in the episode, so you’re getting some real BTS low down, here. This family loves cooking together, and making pizzas especially. I drew up a sketch for this concept and presented it to Brian with B and D Cabinets and was so excited to see it come to life! Now, I’m totally putting one of these into the next house I build for myself. Also, it’s not limited to pizza making. I’m thinking tacos, baked potato bar, ice cream sundaes, cookie decorating, jewelry making…the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


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Now on to all the exciting construction design specs I know you are just dying to hear all about. Honestly, though, construction design is so often the least considered part of the design process, with furniture, pillows and art getting all of the attention. But really, the construction design elements are the most permanent, and most expensive to change, so I always invest a ton of focus into getting them right, and making them timeless. This is why you’ll see so many repeated elements across my designs: shaker style cabinets, subway tile, marble(look) counters. These things have all been around for a really long time, and for good reason.

Flooring: The original wood flooring was dated and a mish-mash of various pieced together materials. We worker with Marquez Floors to replace it with LVF, or Luxury Vinyl Flooring, for those of you not up to speed on your design acronyms. This is an AWESOME material: durable, waterproof, affordable, and nearly impossible to tell from the real thing. Plus, kids can get it wet and muddy without you having to pull your hair out over it. Source: Provenza, Moda Living – Jet Set, Marquez Floors

Cabinets and Hardware: We ditched the dated, builder-grade wood grain cabinets in favor of a custom, classic, shaker-style suite in Sherwin Williams Pure White. Polished chrome hardware is the perfect accessory, adding just the right amount of shine. Sources: Cabinet Knobs, Cabinet Pulls,

Countertops and Backsplash: I chose porcelain countertops for their durability and beauty. We worked with The Marble Yard in Anaheim to find the PERFECT finish. The moveable island is handmade locally by George Bernal using a live edge pine slab, which compliments the floors, range hood, and exterior wood beams. For a backsplash, I selected a gray subway tile in a brick pattern. It’s classic, but with a subtle twist on color. Since the cabinets and walls were all white, going with a gray backsplash was a subtle way to warm up the pallet. Sources: Porcelain Countertops, Custom Island, Backsplash, Countertop Installers, Backsplash Installers 


Plumbing and Appliances: Polished chrome fixtures and stainless steel appliances maintain the classic, bright, timeless style of this kitchen. A custom wood-grain range hood introduces some warmth into the design, and compliments the live edge slab kitchen island. Sources: Faucet, Custom Range Hood

Lighting, Furniture, and Accessories: Most of the color in this design was brought in via furniture and accessories, sticking with a soft, subtle pallet of blues and greens. A blue rug, blue dishes, navy roman window shades, pillows in blues and neutrals, and dark green leather stools all help to balance out the crisp, white nature of the cabinets and countertops.


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And there you have it! The first episode of our second season is complete! Make sure to read the Season 2, Episode 1 – Welcome Home: Overview post, and to check out the episode specific Pinterest Board. And join me for next week’s blog post as I share all the BTS details of Season 2, Episode 2: Family Space and Storage. And watch ALL NEW EPISODES of Hidden Potential on HGTV, MONDAYS at 9pm ET/PT (8pm CT).



  1. Kiwi

    The transformation is amazing!!!!!! I wish i could get you to design our next house (when we can afford to upgrade to a bigger house) 🙂

    • The Blog by JR

      Hit me up when you’re ready!! And thank you for watching!

  2. louise

    I love watching and getting ideas from your episodes. I will soon be having a structural wall remodel adding windows and relocating French doors to flow into a enclosed sunroom here in Garden Grove. Where did you special order the pass through windows from?
    thank you

    • louise

      Hello, Im so sorry I just submitted and listed website 2. SEASON 2 EPISODE 1.
      Interested in Pass through windows. Love them can’t find them. Having structural work done. Please let me know who I can special order from.

      thank you


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