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Rock the Block: The Room You Never Saw on TV

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That’s right! This very important room from my (winning!) house on Rock the Block has never been seen before, and I’m revealing it to you now because…well…I just think it’s too cool to keep locked in a photo vault for all eternity.

And the room I would like to show you now is…the garage! The hardworking backbone of the home, the garage is often all grit and no glory. It’s made for comings and goings, for storage and safekeeping. But I wanted this garage to offer a little something extra. I wanted it to feel like another room in the house. I wanted it to be just a little bit better than all the other garages in the neighborhood.

Here are the Before and Afters:

On the exterior, we added a beautiful, custom, wood-look garage door, courtesy of All County Garage Doors.

Inside, you can see that I added epoxy flooring, which is a really spiffy upgrade that makes the garage interior feel super polished. I had never epoxied a garage floor before, but with the crazy time crunch on this project, it was all hands on deck. Time to suit up! The process took three days, but was well worth the finished, indestructible end product, and the overall value it added to the home.

The final layer of fun: an exercise/play area complete with a climbing wall. I love adding these unexpected touches to a home. My hope is that it makes it feel like someone put a lot of thought into making this whole house a really special place for a family to spend their lives. 

The climbing wall is a fun, easy DIY. All it took was some blue tape, paint, and one minute and fifteen seconds. Just kidding. The below video is time-lapsed, but it was still a pretty simple project that contributed to the cute and well-considered overall effect.

Once the paint was dry, Brian (B and D Cabinets) and I scrounged some wood scraps from the dumpster for our climbing wall. We cut the wood blocks to size, lightly sanded them, and attached them to the studs in the wall. The last step was to test out the climbing wall to make sure it was safe. And I might have turned the “test” into a contest, because, well I tend to make everything into a contest. Ready, set, CLIMB!!

I worked really hard to make each room in this house feel important, and the garage was no exception. I know that the epoxy floors were a huge value-add, and I really do think this garage helped me to pull off the big WIN! Which is why I wanted to share it with all of you. Plus, this climbing wall needed to be publicly admired, I think. It’s just so much fun, am I right?!

This project could not have been made possible without our amazing vendors:

Garage Door: All County Garage Doors | Epoxy Floors: Miracote| Climbing Wall: B and D Cabinets

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  1. Nancy Carver

    The winning home on season 2 had a small master closer, no side shower heads, and an ugly back porch. How do these add value?


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