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Registry Roundup: Nobody Told me I’d Need THESE!!


Ok, so 7 months ago I thought I knew about pregnancy and what I was supposed to have on my baby registry.  I mean, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into and a general knowledge of what to expect.  Boy was I wrong! There’s a whole part of pregnancy that NOBODY talks about. I’m not sure why, but I definitely don’t want to be that person. And now that I have the baby’s basics like the changing area and adorable toys, it’s time I spill it on these unmentionables.

So here you go, the weird stuff on my registry that I spent an entire Sunday digging around for, that hopefully, you can just order and not have to worry about for another second. Have you ever heard of Booby Tubes? Me either. What about a Recovery Kit for down there? Now you know!

And no, I’ve never had a baby so I can’t say that these things are NECESSARY, but based on everything my mom friends have told me and what I’ve read, they sorta are. Happy (discreet) ordering ladies!

HGTV pregnant jasmine roth's registry picks




  1. Anonymous

    Please have a back up plan for a c section. Just in case! Anything can happen during labor. Never thought my son would get stuck in my pelvis since I don’t consider myself a small person.

    • Stephanie

      Same. It’s tough to move toward that day with a “birth plan” in hand as I did with my first born. Really, state your preferences on pain meds etc..but the only plan should be to have baby in your arms the safest way possible. My boy couldn’t move past my pelvis opening. I was shocked cause I never thought of my hips being small. It was just his position. I was crushed that day. His heart rate dropped and I was so scared for him. It felt like time stood still until I heard his little song for the first time after he was born through emergency c section due to fetal distress. My second son is due at the end of the month and I’m walking into this knowing the only thing we care about is safely getting him into our arms. ❤️ Always pray/hope for the best but be open to a change for the sake of a safe arrival of your little one. (and your safety too!)

  2. Michelle M.

    The booby/pumping bra is kind of a waste. Who wants to change clothes every time you pump? No one.

  3. Michelle M.

    The booby/pumping bra is kind of a waste. Who wants to change clothes every time you pump? No one. And, go to Nordstrom to get fitted for the nursing bra now. You will likely need a larger size than you think.

  4. Diane Simmons

    If your breastfeeding, be careful of the cabbage family, tomatoes or onions. Your milk will pass that acid through to your baby and cause tremendous gas. Drink plenty of milk and water. Caffeine products will keep baby awake.

    More importantly – enjoy this precious baby. Relax and give plenty of TLC

  5. Tiffany M

    I never tried the Always brand ones but SWORE by my Depends ?!! I went to Costco & got the big box since I didn’t know how long this “situation” was going to last. I never knew I would love disposable underwear so much & was sad I had to go back to doing laundry. If you end up being a low breastmilk producer (not wishing it on ya ? ), I took Legendairy Milk lactation pills (not an endorsement, just really loved them cause they helped me breastfed a little longer). Lastly, my Elvie pumps are my BFFs…pumping while walking the dog or driving is the best thing since sliced bread. Don’t forget to sterilize the pumps before you go to the hospital & you may want to take it with you…they charged Our insurance for using the hospital one while were there. Enjoy these last few weeks because it really is magical!

  6. Judy

    I breastfeed both our babies and to be sure I drank enough water. I filled a 2 quart pitcher with water, put it on my kitchen counter and made sure I drank it each day. This way I had a measured amount I could visualize, eventhough other juices and things were also consumed.
    And, yes, there’s a lot of products for your health, post partum and breastfeeding I never thought of before pregnancy either that sure helped me after.

  7. Erika

    Elvie Breast puño

  8. Jennifer Treadway

    Yeah definitely need some of those. I didn’t use the belly wrap thing. But mostly because I had a c section on my second child. The leaking of the boobs yep. The leaking down under yep. After two kids I sneeze or cough too much I’m changing my underwear. I keep a 2nd pair in my purse and car for that reason. The creams are somewhat necessary. It’s all in personal discretion. Can’t wait to see pictures of your new little person.

    • Chelsey

      Hi Jennifer! One of my best friends is a pelvic floor physical therapist and I just wanted to pass on that that can be corrected! Sadly most doctors just tell you that incontinence is normal after kids and it’s just not true. Anyway, I highly recommend you find a pelvic floor specialist in your area or through your doctor – it makes a world of difference!

  9. Katrina

    Yes those are definitely going to essentials! Target and amazon sell extra tubing for pumping
    I have the medela pump but my favorite products were from Lansinoh. I also ate certain cookies to help me produce milk and I also drank tea for that as well. My doctor as had me drink moringa to continue my milk supply. It worked best when I was eating a soup with the leaves in it. Hmm .. don’t forget to bring chapstick when you delivery! And for baby bottles I didn’t like what they had in the hospital I love the dapple baby brand to remove milk residue. Fridababy makes wonderful tools for your baby my son is 21 months now and I still use their products! Otherwise l, you’re going to do great!!

  10. Martha

    Go for the wearable pump, i wish i new about it before buying mine, i also liked the spectra pump better than the medela. You dont need any of the stuff for nipple, it will hurt a lot and for a while but you will eventually get used to it. Also i highly recommend the cold pads for your underwear

  11. Brooke

    You may or may not leak, so you may or may not need the pads.

    I’d also say the S2 (spectra) is the best pump out there for mamas, and it doesn’t have to be plugged into the wall. Love the rest of the recommendations.

    Another to stock up on: easy snacks you can keep where-ever you’ll camp out. Individually packaged nuts, crackers, etc.

    Also, the water jug and straw from the hospital is a necessity. Bring it home. And every other thing you can grab.

  12. Jess

    The Frida Mom’s Upside Down Peri Bottle was a lifesaver for me. Also the Earth Mama nipple cream was great!

  13. Monique R.

    The Fridamom postpartum delivery bundle is on my registry…lol, we have to help her bounce back and reliever her stress… I may need to look at the tummy mask…I watch your show at work and follow you on IG …. I am super stoked for you and your family… I will be right behind you 06.16.2020 ❣️

  14. Jamie

    I highly recommend Bamboobies washable breast pads! They are super soft, thin, and good for the earth! The nighttime ones are amazing!!

  15. Morgan

    You need to buy a can of dermaplast for every bathroom in the house. And tucks. And good ice packs bc you’ll want to sit on those.

  16. Dawn Price

    Postpartum kit is a must! If you don’t have a bidet,make sure you add it to the kit!

  17. Charlene

    Wait! You forgot Preparation H!

    • Penny

      Absolutely, or Tucks Medicated pads!!! Those things were a godsend!!

  18. Monica V

    Get yourself nipple shields! They will help if you getting sore and are having trouble with baby latching at first- Life saver! Also the willow is an awesome tool to have when you can’t sit down and pump but for when you go out or want to be truly hands free, the milk pumps into a bag so you go leak free!

    Also thanks for being transparent! You’re going to be and already are a great mama.

  19. Jen

    For me the pumping bra was a waste. Also, if you have to have a c- section you might want different undies, like very comfy extra stretchable high rise ones so the seams are not near the incision. And pushing gives some women hemorrhoids, so the cute pink thong might be painful. So excited for you!


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