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Registry Round Up: Why I Need Your Help Choosing the Art!


When I started working on the art for my nursery, I knew I was in trouble. Choosing art is always my favorite part of any design process. It’s such a great way to personalize a space, express your personality, create a collection that you love, and support local artists, or non-local artists, or even just the concept of art and creative expression. In fact, finding a piece of art that I LOVE is often the way that I start a design, using it as the inspiration for the entire project. In the case of my nursery, I found this wall mural that I absolutely love:

Now, I have to admit that Brett isn’t fully sold on this mural idea, so I don’t know if we’ll be using it or not. BUT, regardless, I can still use it as my inspo piece and color palette. Working within those parameters, I put together a collection of favorite pieces:


I love all of these so much, and I want to break it down for you as to why.

First, art is a great way to add “greenery” into a room without adding the maintenance of a real, live plant. Since I’ll have plenty of care taking responsibility on my hands once the baby is born, these prints were a good compromise for this self-admitted plant-lady.

I love cheerful text art with lots of positive vibes:

And for this particular nursery design, I’m drawn to bold, graphic prints that contrast nicely with the watercolor effect of the mural (Side Note: As shown in Slide 4, I’m starting to see these curated collections of wall prints sold together as a set that take all the guess work and nerves out of selecting coordinating art for a gallery wall and I LOVE it!):

I also love the idea of using alternative materials, such as framed fabric, or other multi-dimensional art to add a different texture into the room:

And then there are so many wall decor alternatives to a traditional art prints. For example, garland, bookshelves, mirrors, and lighting fixtures:


There is no concrete reason that I added these next pieces, other than that I’m just drawn to them, and really, what better reason is there than that for picking art? (And yes, that last photo is a Gray Malin print of a monkey playing ping pong. And yes, I am very, very drawn to this piece and no, I can’t explain why. I mean, it’s a monkey playing ping pong!! Is there any further explanation needed??)


And then there are these, some of my favorite artists, that I am always looking for a good excuse to add more of into my personal art collection:

Clockwise from top left:

1.) Lisa Cogden, 2.) Lisa Cogden, 3.) Sunwoven, 4.) Oliver Jeffers

And there you have it. A veritable gallery of art for my nursery with no real decisions made. Brett votes against the mural and doesn’t have any picks in its stead. And I have too many picks. Which leaves you, my fair readers, to help me decide. What do you think? What would you do? If you had to pick just one piece from the selections above, which would it be and why?




  1. Krisanne

    There are so many wonderful choices! I think that art in a nursery needs to be something meaningful that can grow with her (as well as change with colors as she gets older and develops her own favorites).
    My choice would be Modern Day Campout! I love the fact that it is something you like to do and want to pass along to her!

  2. Mary

    Jasmine, what a beautiful array of art pieces, I see why you will have difficulties selecting! I personally love the most Sunwoven. The colors are so great and compliment your color palette for the nursery. The pattern is soft but visually interesting to draw your baby’s eye without being too complicated or busy, it’s soothing for baby. And your baby is eventually going to want to touch it and it looks so visceral, with different textures that baby girl will enjoy touching. So many great pieces, but that’s my take on your fantastic collection and selecting a forerunner!

  3. Judy Colbert

    First, congrats on winning Rock the Block! Well deserved.

    Second, the art you’re looking at is mostly adult art, not baby or child art. Perhaps colorful walls as a backdrop for future child-created art. Or, a train with “windows” for picture of your child at one, two, three months of age, etc. As I recall, babies like black and white for the first few (six or more) months, then primary colors. So, a mobile for over the crib is the starting point.

    Third, enjoy! Take a picture of your darling every day. You’ll be delightfully surprised at the subtle changes.


  4. Karen Tiedemann

    I like the avery wall mural

  5. LaDonna Wayne

    While looking through all of the pictures, I keep returning to the Oliver Jeffers picture, the last one, because I am able to see so many stories just waiting to be told, whenever I look at it. I could invision you & Brett sitting in the room with your little girl in your arms, creating all sorts of fun, relatable stories for her as she grows. Then, when she is old enough, she could sit down & tell you guys all of the stories she sees. ♥ Imagination is key for a child’s growth, in my humble opinion. (BTW, our 3-year-old granddaughter loves to climb on our lap & tell us stories, when she not drawing them out on her drawing board. They are never too young to express their wonderful imaginations!)

  6. Nancy

    Hi, since the art would basically be for the baby to identify I would choose an object with a whole perspective such as the trailer or the top of palm trees. I would rather have a whole palm tree but at least the tops are identifiable. How about some seashells or an actual flower or an animal
    or some different animals in a set and the mural on another wall for movement. First positive impressions are important for a baby’s first visuals. I would showcase the good parts of our world.

  7. Angela

    Well, you’re asking a girl who has a pig with starry night glasses as the inspo piece in her living room, so of course the monkey playing ping pong is my fave lol. However, in lieu of that, I’m loving the palm trees! Good luck my friend….they’re all beautiful. Can hardly wait to see how it turns out!!!

  8. Angela Wimbish

    Well, youre talking to a girl who has a pig with starry night sunglasses in her living room, so of course I love the monkeys. Lol. However, in lieu of that, i looove the palm trees! Good luck, my friend! Cant wait to see how it turns out! Xoxo

  9. Pat Gronlie

    I love the camper picture, places to go. The palm with a pink background, cause I never knew about bringing in greenery in art and the woven hanging piece. Very boho and it’s a Jasmine vibe. Have fun decorating


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