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Registry Round Up: Which Bassinet Did I Pick for My Baby Registry?


Okay, forgive me, but I am new to this whole baby gear market. And why didn’t anyone tell me that simply going online to try and pick out a bassinet would be a time-sucking rabbit hole of an undertaking? Do I want rocking or not? Wooden or rattan? Modern or vintage? Montessori, self-movement-generating, gender-neutral, convertible, or co-sleeping? And what about bumpers? They sure look pretty, but the consensus seems to be that they’re a no-go, and if that’s so, then why are they even available for sale? I feel like my brain might melt. But in the midst of all this brain-melting madness, I did stumble upon some ridiculously adorable options for baby bassinets.  Here are the fifteen (yes, fifteen) that I narrowed it down to.


I still am not quite sure about my feelings on vintage bassinets, but how gorgeous are these? I’m so into the primitive style lately, and I can just picture this well-worn wood against some simple muslin bedding. Ugh-I can barely STAND it. And just like that, I’m off down the rabbit hole, once again, googling “muslin baby bedding,” and “safety of antique cradles.” Once my feelings on this deeply personal matter become clearer, I’ll sure I’ll be happy I kept these pieces bookmarked.


Ultimately, I’d like something portable, and that is rocking. And you know my feelings on anything woven: sign me up! So, here it is, my final choice of bassinet: A woven Moses Basket and a wooden rocking stand.




  1. Paulette

    Love the woven rocker. You will most likely be holding her/he while you sleep ?
    for the first month?

  2. Michele W. Hall

    Not one for bassinets, I find them to be a waste of money, BUT, I did like the swinging one. I liked the one you chose once you added the rocking stand, tgat changedthe look, altogether!

  3. Karen Tiedemann

    I like the 2nd pic of bassinet. Wow so many wonderful choices!
    Good luck


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