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Registry Round Up: The Best & Cutest Nursery Rugs

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hgtv pregnant jasmine roth registry picks for her baby

Choosing the perfect nursery rugs can be tricky! Rugs take up a huge amount of design real estate, so you want the one you choose to really set the stage for the room. With hardwood floors in our nursery, I knew I wanted a rug (or two) on the floor in order to soften things up, both literally and figuratively. Adding a nursery rug (or two) to the room would add soft texture and pattern to the design, while also offering a cozy, padded surface to play.

As with so many of my designs, I decided to use a jute rug as the base layer and then add a softer top layer in a smaller size as the accent. But WHICH base layer jute rug, and WHICH top layer accent rug, and WHICH adorable, round, lion head rug for the closet would I choose? Not to mention, it has to match the crib perfectly as well!

My Favorite Nursery Rugs


As a P.S., I didn’t actually register for a rug with the expectation of having someone buy it for me. I’ve ended up using my registry as a sort of design board, where I select items I know I want and compile them here in this one place so that I don’t forget what I’ve ultimately decided on. If you didn’t believe it, pregnancy brain and forgetting everything is seriously a thing! I’ve hidden a lot of the larger items from public view so that there is no pretense that I think they might make reasonable baby gifts. But compiling everything in this one place ended up being the best way for me to track the items I needed, or still need, to buy before the baby is born.

With that said, here are my final favorite nursery rugs that landed on my registry, hidden away from public view, until now!

jasmine roth registry picks

Best Base Layer Rug for the Nursery

This layer will help to soften sound, and to soften a fall. It will serve to ground and center the room. And it adds organic texture that helps the design from feeling too precious.

Best Accent Nursery Rug

Soft. The lightest possible shade of pink before it is no longer pink and instead a blushing shade of ivory. Feminine but not “girly”. I think it will match some of my art ideas for the room!

My Favorite Nursery Closet Rug

With a baby coming, I seem to be experiencing an innate desire to make everything around me as SOFT and cuddly and cozy as possible, like the adorable play mat I found! Once I’d laid eyes on this cute rug, I then pictured it lying on the floor of the nursery closet. After that, I couldn’t un-see it, and I knew the closet would never live up to its full potential for cuteness without housing this rug inside.

How do we feel about my options? Are there any other amazing nursery rugs that explode with cuteness?! Let me know!


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  1. Naina Kalra

    Have to agree with the title- Literally the cutest rugs!!
    Love all the option, especially the last one. Enjoyed going through your article.
    Naina Kalra


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