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Registry Round Up: The Best Baby Toys

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HGTV Pregnant Jasmine Roth Baby Nursery Registry

Turns out shopping for baby toys is super fun. No wonder kids love them! I felt like a kid again myself, picking out all the sweetest baby toys for the new nursery. And now I can’t wait to share them with our new baby girl!!

My favorite baby toys

I know new babies don’t really need toys, so this is more about making the nursery feel like home. We want toys that are cute and ones that she can one day grow into, while playing on the cutest rugs. However, I found myself being drawn to building blocks (no surprise there!) and the cute little knit dolls you see above.

Target had a ton of adorable, organic-feeling baby toys. I spent a really nice afternoon wandering the aisles, picking out things I hope our newest family member will one day love and cherish (or, more likely, chew on!). I’m sure I’m not the only pregnant woman who gets lost down these aisles when preparing for the baby – I wanted to buy it all! My cart was quickly filling up, both physically and mentally. I’m always adding to my list of more things to buy for the nursery!

Of course, I should note, the custom wooden name puzzle is not a spoiler! It’s just an example of the one we actually ordered. You’ll have to wait to watch #RocktheBump to get a better idea of which direction we’re going in regards to the name!

What was your new baby’s favorite toy? Please share with me! I’m sure once the baby comes she’ll be getting spoiled with all the cutest toys she can imagine! The first one is always the most spoiled with these things right?




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  1. Kristina

    I don’t have kids but worked in a pediatric PT clinic. I worked with kids in a pool and in a gym and two things that all the kids enjoyed: mini rubber ducks (they would chase them around the pool, or in your case the bathtub), and they also loved bubbles. Simple classic.


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