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Registry Round Up: The Best Baby Bedding

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After asking around, I’ve decided to build my baby bedding registry in layers. First stop, and based on my extensive research, the most important layer is: a waterproof mattress cover! I’ll probably order at least two of these, to make middle-of-the-night bedding changes less challenging. This one below is my favorite so far!

Next up, a fitted sheet. I wanted a muslin sheet, because they’re so soft and breathable, and I selected two interchangeable styles that I’ll order two of each, to make for easy laundering and linen-changing. Come on, how cute are these unicorns?! Even I would use this adorable baby bedding.

Lastly, I’ve layered in a crocheted crib skirt. Since the crib sits up so high in the beginning, this helps the whole set up look finished and cozy.

And that’s it, really, since you can’t have anything else in the crib in the beginning. I do love these two blankets, but I’ll use them as throws on the nursery chair or sofa, and more for myself than the baby, I imagine:

I also registered for these bassinet inserts, that come in a set of three, interchangeable colors. One that will match the one I pick out!


And there you have it! All the things to get my baby girl started on the path to a good, solid’s night sleep with the best baby bedding!!

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  1. LaDonna Wayne

    9-years ago, we were asked to use crib liners like the ones I’ve included a link for. Our daughters-in-law believed they were safer & healthier for their children that we were watching for them. We loved them because they allow air to flow through so the children didn’t feel confined in their cribs while sleeping & they are washable! Since all of our grands have outgrown their cribs, we have shared them with others who are amazed & pleased with them.


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