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QUIZ: What Wine Glass Are You?


What Wine Glass Are You? The Blog by Jasmine Roth

What wine glass are you?  No… really.  Have you ever wondered what wine glass you are?  YOU HAVEN’T?!  If you’re reading this like, “why do I need to know what wine glass I am?” I say, why not?  It’s FUN!  Guys, I had so much fun making this quiz.  Whether you’re a classic stemless kinda person, or a colorful goblet kinda wine-drinker (or you can drink anything out of a wine glass, really), I bet I thought of you when I made this!  Come back to this post after you get your result and let me know what ? you got in the comments!!!

If you see the spinning circle, don’t click away! That means the quiz is calculating your results, and you won’t wanna miss the answer and tell your friends what wine glass you got!


  1. Sandy Dewar

    I’m a classic stemless wine glass. Which I guess is true cause I have no problem drinking wine out of a water glass. ????

  2. Nifi

    I’ll say it this way. The result is “mom juice”. So far that’s ok, but with a smile I’ll name it “dad juice”.

  3. Jerry C

    I use the tall glass when I have white wines and some red depending on the place setting and decore I use the stemless more most reds and smaller stemless for port wines too

  4. Mimi S

    Quiz says I’m quiet and playful! I’ll take it! I still prefer stemmed wine glasses, although 4 have broken over the past year, so I may be reconsidering.

  5. Barbarah Distefano

    It says I’m quirky and playful which gave me a short stemmed glass. And since my grandkids are my favorite people to be with I’m good with being quirky and playful!!! I’m partial to very pretty wine glasses to drink from. Makes is a special occasion to me no matter the day!!!

  6. Sandi Pettengill

    “Rose all day” or “Mom juice” which is exactly what I have in the cubbard for those days. Love those glasses with no stems.

  7. Patricia

    I love my wine out of a beautiful stemmed wine glass!!!


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