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QUIZ: Which Rock the Block House Are You?


Quiz: What Rock the Block House Are You?

If you’ve watched either Season 1 or Season 2 of HGTV’s competition show Rock the Block – or both! – you know that each design team really differed in style!  And I mean, REALLY differed.  From the 4 competitors in Season 1 (me, Mina Starsiak Hawk, Leanne Ford and Alison Victoria) to the competing teams in Season 2 (Mika & Brian Kleinschmidt, Nate Berkus + Jeremiah Brent, David Bromstad + Tiffany Brooks, and Mike Holmes + Alison Victoria), each house came out looking totally different.  Which I LOVE!  That makes for really fun TV watching, in my humble opinion!  It got me to thinking… hey, it would be really fun to make one of my handy quizzes based off of Rock the Block houses.  So I made exactly that quiz!  I hope you guys have as much fun taking it as I did making it.  And do you think I got myself when I took it?  I’m not gonna say… but I DO want to know what result you got in the comments!

If you see the spinning circle, don’t click away! That means the quiz is calculating your results, and you won’t wanna miss the answer so you can tell your friends what Rock the Block house you got!

QUIZ: Which Rock the Block House Are You?


  1. Gliza

    Mine’s casual beach house! Always love the idea of living by the beach ora ocean view 💓

  2. Mark Richert

    Mine is Jasmine’s casual beach house! That totally fits me, so I’m not surprised. Thanks! That was fun!

  3. Jennifer Wadhams

    I think the native Floridian in me will always want to be at the beach. I think that’s why your quiz said your house is my style. To be honest, that’s probably true. I love a sophisticated, casual vibe for my home. I want our home to look fabulous but I want our guests to feel comfortable sitting anywhere they want and not be worried they’re going to mess something up.

  4. Christyne

    Leanne Ford’s Warm Minimalist House
    Yep, that’s totally my vibe!
    Thank you for the quiz Jasmine


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