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Our Favorite Gallery Wall


Usually we build up to the big reveal, this time, we want to show off from the start!Taking up this long hallway wall, we couldn’t be more pleased with the way this gallery wall has turned out.  Friends and family, strangers, pretty much everyone that sees it, compliments this wall and asks for the details.  Well, here they are!

Our initial inspiration came from this photo in the Book Island Life: Inspirational Interiors.

The idea was born!  What now?  Our first task was to find the shelves to rest the photos on.  The most simple, inexpensive, and easy to connect (everyone needs different lengths) were the IKEA RIBBA Picture Ledges.  We love when we can get something for under $10!  After measuring the wall and doing some quick math, we were back home and hanging them.  (In all fairness, due to the need for perfectly level shelves, we asked our finish carpenter to help us.  Hey, we can’t do everything ourselves!)

After the shelves were hung, the hunt for frames began.  Sticking to a similar palette as the inspiration photo, we were able to re-purpose some of our old Pottery Barn frames.  We also visited IKEA, Target, Aaron Brothers, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and World Market.  The goal was to look like we had collected frames from around the world and we accomplished this through a mixture of textures, materials, and styles.  Staged eclectic?  Faux global?  Oh well…

Finally, with all the frames collected, we were ready to build the wall.  There are many ways one could go about completing this, but we arranged all the frames prior to putting photos in.  Here is what it looked like when we were deciding where everything would go.

Once we liked the composition of the wall, checking that all the frames were overlapped but still showing their photos, and that two similar frames weren’t near each other, we were ready for pictures!

We made a list organized by size and orientation (vertical or horizontal) and then filled in the blanks.  This is what our “schematic” looked like.  Also, we made sure to take a photo of the wall before we started taking it down.  Otherwise we wouldn’t have known how to put it back together!

Finally, we filled our frames and re-assembled everything.  We live in California and the wall is over a hardwood floor.  To make sure it was earthquake safe, we anchored all the frames touching the wall and then used earthquake putty to secure the leaning frames.  This was the part that took the longest – we just wanted to be done!

Here is another look at the finished product.  Enjoy! 


  1. Vicky

    That is so beautiful! How wide is each row of ledge? Thank you…

    • Heather

      Hi Vicky,
      Each row of ledge runs twelve feet, and is comprised of three, 48″ ledges put together. Hope this helps!

  2. David

    I absolutely love this!! How far apart are each row of shelves?

    • The Blog by JR

      Hi David,

      Each row of shelves is hung 18″ apart. Hope this helps!


    This is beautiful, functional and brilliant all in one!!!! We have 8 children and 12 grandchildren ( and growing) and we just dont know what to do with all those pictures that we love getting. We just bought a house with a17 x 9 foot wall in the great room and I was wondering how I was going to fill this up. Now I know…… Thanks so much (-;

    • The Blog by JR

      Hi Gayle,

      We’re so glad you like it! Send us a photo of your wall once it’s all completed; we’d love to see the finished product!

  4. Laura

    I have 9 foot ceilings and want to do this. Can you give me insight on the shelve spacing?

    • Jasmine

      Each row of shelves is hung 18″ apart. Hope this helps!

  5. Patty Schwickerath

    I love the idea and have been looking at the concept more since I moved into a new, much bigger home. I have an enormous family with just 2 kids BUT 7 sibs, 23 nieces/nephews and 34 greats. This is just my side. My husband has a large family as well … so I need pics up! I have shared this concept with a few of my sisters and they are skeptical .. and I think they believe this to be a little “extra” as you describe. I read your suggestion of reeling it a little by using black/white photos, but has anyone tried color … or is it too much?

    • Jasmine

      You can totally do one of these gallery walls with color photos!! I did one for my mother in law a while back with all color photos and she loves it! It looks great anyway you choose to do it! And so easy to do!

  6. Deborah Torres

    I absolutely love this concept. So much easier to change, rearrange, and add or take away. No more worries about holes in the walls and what to do about them when a change is desired.

    Do you have any plans for the rails? How were they made? How do they attach to the walls?

  7. Jessica Harris

    Hi! I’m just wondering how you put the ledges together. For my wall i am going to need to ledges together to fit length of wall.
    Thank you

    • Amber

      I’m looking for the same advice. How did you make sure the ledges lined up together so well for a longer wall?

  8. Anne

    With multiple picture frames the depth of each ledge is important. What depth do you recommend for framed art work? Some of my frames are 2” deep.

  9. Nena

    Is there a link to find the shelves for purchase?


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