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One man’s trash…


Recently our friend up and decided to move to Australia.  We were like, what the what?!?  It’s all good though, he will be back (hopefully).  He left behind a small 2 drawer nightstand-ish thing that was, in his eyes, not worth much. . . to us it was perfect!

Since we weren’t in the market for a new nightstand (and it’s really too short to be a proper one) we decided to make it into a kitchen cart for Terry’s studio.  It’s the perfect size for a microwave!  We dug into our paint bin and we got to working.  Step one was to sand and wash.  We sanded just enough to get any shiny finish off so that our paint would adhere.  Once we wiped away the dust, we removed the hardware and primed the entire piece.It was late in the night by the time this step was done…maybe too much wine and a crooked photo?  Oh well!  Next we grabbed some silver spray paint and hit the old handles.  It’s amazing what a little spray paint can do!

When the primer was dry, it was time to paint.  We dug in our paint bin and grabbed some high gloss white and some blue/green paint that we had used for other projects in Terry’s Studio.  April helped us add a few coats, making sure to let each coat dry thoroughly.  When the paint was dry, we added a polyurethane top coat to protect it.  Finally we added the old/new hardware back on and we were done!  What do you think?


  1. Heather Roth

    Love! But where’s the mocrowave? I want to see this piece in action!

  2. do my essay

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  3. Connie Hayes

    I love the way those 5 pieces of furniture turned out. Great job


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