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My Worst Day Working on The Brady Bunch House


Jasmine Roth on set A Very Brady Renovation HGTV in the rain with an umbrella

Okay you guys, in case you didn’t hear, one of my shows from working on the Brady Bunch house was nominated for an Emmy award! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! A Very Brady Renovation was one of those opportunities that came completely out of left field, was a zero hesitation “YES” as soon as HGTV asked me, and was one of the coolest projects I’ve been a part of; #surreal doesn’t even begin to sum it up.

Jasmine Roth in A Very Brady Renovation HGTV with model of home

For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past year (ha!), this show came about when HGTV purchased the old Brady Bunch House in Hollywood, CA. They also assembled an all-star cast which included all my favorite HGTV hosts (Mina, Karen, Leanne, Steve, Lara, Drew and Jonathan) and ALL 6 OF THE BRADY KIDS! It was so fun to get to know each one of them and hear stories about what it was like growing up with “Brady” as your last name… even if just for TV!

For the project, we really went for it and decided to take the house HGTV had purchased and make it an exact replica of the Brady Bunch sound stage set. We worked on the project around the clock and it was crazy how close we got it! And speaking of that, I have a post coming up later this week with cool decor that’s inspired by my time working on the Brady House, so stay tuned!

Jasmine Roth in A Very Brady Renovation HGTV

My Hardest Day Working On The Brady Bunch House

With a project this big, there are bound to be some tough days.  Since the Emmy announcement was Monday (we didn’t win, but it was still a HUGE honor to be nominated – pinch me!), I was getting nostalgic and looking back at photos.

Suddenly, I remembered – the hardest day on this show was during a terrible rainstorm!  I drove up to LA from Orange County to check in on the project and had a full day of work ahead of me.  Sure enough, right as I got there the skies opened and it started POURING rain.

Jasmine Roth on construction site of A Very Brady Renovation from the Brady Bunch House HGTV

But as they say, THE SHOW MUST GO ON so we ponchoed up and put our tools under as much plastic as possible. Oh, and don’t forget the camera crew, the sound department, and all the producers. When it rains on a construction site, it’s tough. But when it rains on a construction site for an HGTV show – it’s even harder to get anything done! And you guys, it didn’t just rain for the day… it literally rained for like a month straight. Luckily, as we realized the rain wasn’t going to let up, we adapted and put a lot of our project under plastic. So yeah, that first day was the worst, but obviously we figured it out!

Jasmine Roth on construction site of A Very Brady Renovation from the Brady Bunch House HGTV

Thanks so much to all of you that watched this show, cheered us on, and are following @verybradyrenovation on social media. On the list of my crazy projects, this was at the very, very top!


  1. LaDonna Wayne

    I am always smiling when I read your blogs/posts/messages, etc. Just the fact that you share your family with the world is outrageous but knowing that you are practically next door, it just boggles my mind. Thank you! You have the most beautiful family, by the way! Hazel is already a knock-out so be prepared for the boys when they start coming around (she is really looking like Brett these days, too!). (haha)

    Congratulations on the nomination! I actually watched each of the shows more than once & think you guys were robbed. Yes, Queer Guy is also a fabulous show but The Brady Bunch project was beyond awesome! *I’m clapping now!*

    I am so thankful I picked up a flyer at my nail salon a couple of years ago, where I found out there was a new program on & it was local. Nope, don’t regret that a tiny bit! Thank you, Jasmine!

  2. Lori Johnson

    You are truly a a genuine down to earth sweet heart. You work hard, your creative and talented. My husband would love to have you take over our redo and get us living and finally loving our home. But most of all, we just love learning from you.

  3. Bobbi Jones

    I loved every episode and STILL walk around singing HGTV’s version of the theme song ???

  4. Paulette

    Yikes I remember that rain storm. They’re so rare here that it’s quite memorable. Like that line from The Crow, getting around during that time was more “like surfing.” ?

    Congrats on the Emmy nod!! My husband and I are big fans and are working our way through this series. Please tell me you managed to put some teal somewhere!

    • June Wiebenga

      I grew up watching the Brady Bunch and loved watching the remake and I love how transparent you are in sharing your journey you have such a loving soul Jasmine.

  5. Denise Harden

    When I win the lottery, you’re the designer I’ll be calling! Love your style and attitude.

  6. June

    I grew up watching the Brady Bunch and I loved watching the remake and l love how transparent you are sharing your journey with us you have such a loving soul Jasmine.

  7. Flo

    Hi Jasmine!

    I Really loved the stencil work you did on the cement. In would love to do that to my patio.
    Can you tell me what supplies I need and where you think I can get them?

    By the way love and see all your shows! I was always rooting for you on “Rock the Block” !

  8. Cyndi Perkins

    Those shows with the Brady House were amazing. I grew up watching The Beady Bunch and you guys nailed it! Such a nostalgic walk down memory lane. Now I think you should do The Golden Girl’s house.? Congrats on the nomination and of course you were robbed of the victory. I love all you do. Loving your new show!


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