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My Secret Holiday Tips


The holidays come and go so fast every year, especially when you’re as busy as my family is.  I love this time of year so much, I truly want to just enjoy my time with family and friends and not get caught up in any stress (if it can be avoided!).  My secret holiday tips are really just something we just do every year to make Christmas time more awesome.  I wanted to share them here in case they do the same for you!  Happy holidays!

My Secret Holiday Tips

1. Holiday Gift Wrap Station

Every year I set up a holiday gift wrap station.  I start by standing the rolls of wrapping paper up in a tall laundry hamper basket.  I put out an easily accessible bin of tape, scissors, tags, and pens to write on the tags.  I’ve even gone so far as to invite my friends over to wrap their presents!  Having this set up all season makes it fun and easy to wrap gifts and it’s one less step as far as getting everything out and putting it all away each time.  (Speaking of presents, I have some ideas for you in my 2021 gift guide…)

2. Faux Poinsettias

Hear me out on this one!  If you can’t tell the difference between a real poinsettia and a faux one, why buy a real one that you’re just going to throw away?!  Faux plants have come a long way and poinsettias are leading the charge!  I bought a few that are rated for outdoors (think front door decor!) and a few that are better for indoors (think open shelves in the kitchen) and they’ve lasted me years!

3. Twinkle Lights

Battery operated twinkle lights ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND!  I love that they have timers, so you almost look forward to the early sunset so you can see your cute lights come on.  My favorite ways to dress up twinkle lights are to put them into a mason jar or glass vase and set them on a shelf, on the dining room table, or even outside along your front walkway… well… that works until the snow comes!

4. The Daily Charcuterie Board!

During the holidays we have a never ending supply of all things charcuterie and make a little snack board every night before dinner.  Sometimes in place of dinner!  We always make sure we keep some healthy nuts, seeds, artisan cheeses, stuffed olives, veggies, fruits, and cured meats on our grocery list.  It’s great for last-minute gatherings or an unexpected friend stopping in, but also a fun thing to look forward to at the end of each day.

What are your tips and traditions for this time of year?


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