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Everything I Packed In My Hospital Bag


HGTV Jasmine Roth packing her hospital bag for baby delivery

Okay, so at first, packing my hospital bag for my upcoming hospital visit (AKA labor!) didn’t seem like that big of a deal. But as it got closer, I realized I sorta wanted to bring a lot of things! I started to go with the “if it will make this day any easier, I’m going to bring it” mentality. Whoops!

Since Brett and I have traveled the world, I thought the packing would be the easy part! I even went to India and Romania with Habitat for Humanity, but honestly, packing for this was way harder. I had to pack for something I’ve never experienced! Good thing there are PLENTY of women who have written awesome blog posts and there was lots of good info given during our baby classes at the hospital. So all said and done, we narrowed it down to checklist.

What I Packed in My Hospital Bag

I’m just going to come clean: I’m a bit of a neat freak. I like things super organized and I like to be in control. The idea of me not being able to go into my own hospital bag and having to ask someone else for every single thing is TERRIFYING.

So I figured I would make it easy on my husband and label everything. That way, he won’t just be aimlessly digging for things. I decided to use a system that included an overnight bag filled with ziplocks that have labels on them. Don’t judge!

This is the overnight bag. I got one for Brett and one for me:

Herschel Supply Co. Duffel Bag

I also used these ziplock bags and my trusty label maker to organize inside the duffel bag:

Jumbo Storage Bag

How I Packed My Hospital Bag

Here are the categories I organized my bag into with a few of the items I put in each.

Wear to Hospital

I saw this as a recommendation on another blog. In case you’re out and about and your water breaks, it’s good to have a change of clothes right on top of everything else. Made sense to me!


Hospital Gown // Slippers // Labor + Delivery Kit

Baby Girl Clothes

4-Pack Snap Tee // Organic Bodysuit // “Loved” Bodysuit // Hello Birth Announcement Tag // Printed Headband // Black Headband


Rose Blossom Diapers // Water Wipes // Honest Company Wipes // Diaper Balm // Nail Scissors


Organic Swaddle // 3-Pack Swaddles 


Nursing Balm // Super8 Greens // Nursing Bra


Haircare Essentials Kit // iPhone Chord // USB Adapter

T-Shirts & Socks

“Mama” Tee Shirt // Set of Socks

Sweatshirts & Pants

Camo Sweatshirt // Maternity Lounge Pant


Plaid Pillowcase Set // Solid Pillowcase Set // Postpartum Recovery Kit

Going Home

T-Shirt Dress // White Converse // Floral Dress // Black Converse // Baby Girl Going Home Outfit // Llama Pacifier // Car Seat & Stroller

Of course, there were a few more things that got thrown in the bag – some snacks, playing cards, and all the info we got from our delivery/nursing/baby classes. And since this is our first baby, I’m sure there are some other things you would add to my list.

We still have a few weeks until our due date. What did we miss?!


  1. Bree

    How many pairs of Converse sneakers do you own? How many pairs of Vans?

    • Bree

      Do you ever respond to comments? Just curious.

  2. Christine Batz

    How about “but paste” or you could use when home. How long do you stay in hospital.
    I thought they kicked you out in 24 hours as long as no problems?

    Have a great delivery Best wishes.

  3. Cheryl Paul

    4-5 day’s of clothes? How long do you plan on staying? Forget the makeup and curling iron for the next month! You’ll be lucky if you get a shower ?. Trust me you wear clothes going in but you will be in a johnny after that until you leave. I think overall you are overpacking but if it makes you relaxed about it, go for it. Maybe it’s totally different these days. My kids are teenagers now. Whatever happens, I hope you have an easy delivery and you all are healthy because that’s all that really matters.

  4. Judy

    I hope everything goes smooth

  5. Julie

    Extra burp cloths, pacifiers (1 to 2 eaxh being of a different brand) and swaddlers with velcro cause unless your a labor and delivery nurse you will never get that blanket tight enough. You will never be totally prepared cause your bring a human being into this world and they already have a personality! I have had 5 and each of them all had different needs. Good luck and wishing you both the very best.

    • Jasmine

      Thank you so much Julie! 🙂

      • Susan

        Jasmine, I just want to let you know that even though I didn’t see is many pregnancy pictures through this whole time frame as I kind of would’ve liked, I am so excited that you are able to post on the blog and get suggestions and ideas from others also. Are you in your new house yet? I can’t imagine having to decorate a nursery in one house and then move into another one having to decorate another one to a nursery. I am so excited for your shows and I can’t wait to watch him and I’m so excited that HGTV sees in you what we are seeing you a superstar designer and builder. I can’t wait to see the pictures of baby girl Roth And I can’t wait to hear what your name her

  6. Cynthia

    Don’t forget the nursing pads! They’ll save you from embarrassment 🙂

    • Jasmine

      Oh good call, Cynthia! Thanks!

  7. Diana

    I think you’re over packing. The hospital normally will provide you with a few supplies for you and your baby. If all goes well you should be home after 24 hours. Don’t stress about it. But your entire life is about to change; in a good way. Babies really are a blessing from God.

  8. Stacy

    I would recommend flip flops or other easy to slip on/off sandals for walking around hospital floor.
    You won’t need curling iron or hair dryer. Bring a hair tie ?. You should be in and out within 24-48 hours depending on if you have a c-section.
    And ask hospital for a peanut ball to help with your labor. You got this! Good luck!

  9. Laura

    first pregnancy I used witch hazel and disposable cooling ice pack pads – second pregnancy used olive oil and cooling disposable ice pack pads – second recovery was much more pleasant. Search in amazon: ice pack pads postpartum – best things ever

  10. Alana

    Another tip that was passed to me that was so helpful…. bring vaseline with and apply it to her bottom during diaper changes. This prevents the sticky “tar” poop from sticking to her, which also prevents you from Having to wipe so many times. You got this momma!

  11. Alex

    Sorry but you overpacked! lol I Really don’t think you’ll feel like using hair products, a hair tie will be your best friend for days to come. Instead of outfits just pack several cute PJs and your husbands flip flops will be best, especially if your swollen after. It’s always best to be over packed then under packed but my advice would be to pack for comfort especially with those diapers you’ll be having to wear ?

  12. Laurie Jenner

    Jasmine I watch you all the time on your show and I have to say when I heard you were pregnant I was just elated for you and your husband. you’ve probably gotten all the advice in the world when it comes to bringing baby home and all the other stuff oh, so I’m going to say one thing as a mother of three children who are now grown and I’m 50 years old. cherish every moment because you are going to blink and she will be all grown up. My kids are now 26, 29, and 31. I swear to God I went to bed one night and woke up and they were adults and I said to myself “what happened”, they were just toddlers yesterday. That’s all I can say. Enjoy every minute because it goes so fast. As sleep-deprived as you’re going to feel, it’s all worth it, it really is the biggest reward ever. Congratulations to you & hubby. Sending you much love and well wishes from British Columbia Canada. Hugs???


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