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My Holiday House: The Kitchen


It’s our second Christmas in this house, and I had so much fun decorating for the holidays this year.  I usually tend to go all out and put a touch of Christmas cheer in just about every room, and this year was no exception.  I already shared the front of our house and Brett’s office, and today I’m sharing the decorations I did in the kitchen!  These open shelves we designed in our kitchen give me such a great platform to build a wide holiday decor display.  It’s always a little daunting at first when I’ve cleared all the shelves and I’m staring down at my Christmas decorations, and then back at the shelves (you know, like a bunch of times).  But once you start playing around with it, something clicks!  (If you need pointers on styling open shelves, I’ve got you covered.)  This year I really had fun with a bunch of different trees in varying textures and finishes, and of course pops of red throughout.  Without further ado, let’s take the tour of my Holiday House: The Kitchen!

Green Ceramic Tree // Red Berry Stems // Mercury Glass Fir Tree // Hammered Glass Trees // Faux Cedar Plant Stems // Large Woven Tree // Woven Cream Tree // Kitchen Rug // Square Storage Baskets // Plate Organizer // Curved Seagrass Basket // Etched Glass Hurricane 

These are a few of my favorite things: battery operated twinkle lights, faux greenery in pretty planters, and that little canister of cinnamon sticks!  Also, I love taking faux poinsettia flowers and putting them in baskets or those etched glass hurricanes to bring in the holiday vibe while blending into the home’s normal decor at the same time.  It feels like “lived-in” Christmas.  And that’s how we like it around here.

Mercury Glass Trees // Green Ceramic Tree // Mercury Glass Fir Tree // Large Woven Tree // Brass Metal Planter // Faux Potted Poinsettia // Curved Seagrass Basket // Etched Glass Hurricane 

My twinkle lights are on a timer, so they come on when the sun goes down.  It makes the earlier sunset more bearable this time of year!

Mercury Glass Trees // Green Ceramic Tree // Mercury Glass Fir Tree // Large Woven Tree // Curved Seagrass Basket // Etched Glass Hurricane 

A lot of my favorite design tricks are still at play here: it’s just the Holiday House edition.  Mix metals, add texture through wood and other organic materials, add multiple plants – you get the idea.

Red Berry Stems // Etched Glass Hurricane 

Red Berry Stems // Etched Glass Hurricane 

The tree painting was made by my friend Kim of Ripe Designs.  Keep an eye on her Instagram feed for Ripe’s next drop to their Etsy shop.

Mercury Glass Trees // Cream Ceramic Tree // Green Tree Candle // Hammered Glass Tree // Faux Cedar Plant Stems // Pure Ceramic Clay Vase // Woven Cream Tree // Faux Coffee Branch // Square Storage Baskets 

Green Tree Candle

On one of these shelves I set up a plate organizer with simple white plates from Crate & Barrel.  These are the plates we use every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but the organizer makes them feel a little more special.

Mercury Glass Trees // Hammered Glass Tree // Green Ceramic Tree // Pink Ceramic Tree // Faux Pine Tree // Plate Organizer // Mercury Fluted Candle 

The red tablecloth might be a little much, but it makes me really happy!  I think Tiger likes it too.  Thanks for taking a look at my Holiday House: The Kitchen edition.  Do you decorate your kitchen for the holidays, or focus on the family room instead?


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