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My Holiday House: The Christmas Tree and Dining Room


I’m continuing my tour around the house of our holiday decorations for this year, and today we’re taking a peek at my dining room and Christmas tree.  This year has meant a lot to me, as far as decorating goes.  Last year was our first Christmas in our new house in Huntington Beach (we moved out of the 11th Street Retreat and moved into what I now call the #RothHomestead).  And while I decorated last year, I’ll admit that I was pretty overwhelmed with life at the time.  Hazel was still very much a baby, there were still boxes to unpack, the pandemic was raging on, and I was finishing up various projects related to my new book.  It was a whirlwind, and I felt like I didn’t get to properly take it all in.  This year, it feels different.  I’m using my best holiday tips to savor this season, even though I’m just as busy as ever.  I’ve already showed you the front of the house and Brett’s office and the kitchen.  Let’s take a spin and look at the Christmas tree and dining room!

Cheetah Sweater // Vans // Tree Skirt // Hazel’s Boots // Hazel’s Tutu // Hazel’s Hair Bows

This is our second year with a fake tree.  We got this one from Costco, and everyone thinks it’s real when they come over.  I love showing Hazel all of the fun ornaments Brett and I have collected over the years.

Cheetah Sweater // Vans // Tree Skirt // Hazel’s Boots // Hazel’s Tutu // Hazel’s Hair Bows

For the dining room, I wanted to keep it simple, but infuse a bit of holiday in a tasteful way.

Dining Table // Chandelier // Plaid Wallpaper 

That little Christmas tree comes in a pack of two.  I love having something lit up in each room, if I can swing it!

Christmas Tree // Christmas Crackers // Brass Easel Frame // Fa La La Pillow (similar)

I got those glittery holiday sprigs from Target and they make me unusually happy.  Just a touch of glitter is all you need to make it feel more magical in your space.

Glittery Greenery // Galvanized Trough

Sharing all of these memories with Hazel is the best part about the Christmas season!

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