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My Go-To Thanksgiving Table Decor


Whether it’s Thanksgiving or just a random Tuesday, I love having people over to the #RothHomestead.  Hosting is something Brett and I have always enjoyed, so we invite over family and friends pretty much any chance we get.  Last year’s Thanksgiving was the first time we had a proper dining room (we didn’t have one at our previous house, the 11th Street Retreat), and it inspired me to set a really beautiful table for the holiday.  I posted it on Instagram and a lot of you wanted some more detailed peeks into how I set the table.  Luckily for you guys this year, I’m pretty much doing the same thing.  Spoiler alert: when something works, I love to stick with it!  When it comes to my go-to Thanksgiving table decor, I like to keep it pretty simple.  I did a practice run to prepare for this year’s Thanksgiving – because it’s already November – and today I’m breaking down all the steps.

The big “ah-ha” moment in my table setting is live greenery!  I go down the street to a big tree (shh, don’t tell anyone) with a pair of scissors and snip off some decor.  The first thing I lay down on the table is this real greenery.  If you cut it from a real tree like me, there’s bound to be some plant debris.  So get it all arranged how you want on your table and then wipe down the rest of the table.  That’s step one.  Then I gather up all my placemats, make sure they’re clean from the last time we used them, and place them on the table.  By choosing a placemat in the same color as my wallpaper (or it could be art or other decor in the room), the whole look feels really cohesive.

We use the same plates and silverware as every other day in our house.  No fancy china here!  I take a cloth napkin (bonus points for using a pattern), iron it out, and place it in a wooden napkin ring.  Then I set that down on our white everyday plates.  No chargers or anything under the plates.

Take some simple glasses and fill them with water.  And yes, all of my dining chairs are different.  It makes this room so much more interesting!

For candles, I use the same mercury glass votives every year.  I like that they’re low to the table, because if you noticed, that chandelier really likes to steal the show.  But if you use low candleholders like this, PLEASE make sure none of the greenery is overlapping the top of the votive.  Let’s make sure there aren’t any fires, okay?

And that’s it!  I told you it’s very simple and easy to do, but the main thing to focus on is texture.  That’s what makes this whole setup so successful.

I can’t wait for the holidays!  What do you usually do for your Thanksgiving table decor?  I’d love to hear in the comments.


  1. Julie

    I love your table setting! It’s fancy and casual at the same time. We’re having Thanksgiving at our house this year AND we just built a new dining table so I feel like the pressure is on top create a good presentation. I will definitely be taking inspo from you!

  2. Waleska Ramos

    I absolutely love your style and that table setting is simply gorgeous! I tend to do kind of the same; I love playing with textures and adding greenery. The idea of bringing in colors from adjacent rooms is key for me also. I think I should just go spend Thanksgiving at your house lol thanks for always sharing your tips; you’re amazing. Have a blessed holiday season

  3. Rocio Vargas

    I love your table setting. Thanksgiving in my house is usually 20 people or more. Since we live in Miami, we have our gathering in our small backyard. I like to decorate the table using greenery, “real” table clothes and any other item such as candles, pumpkins or mason jars. The plates and dining ware might be disposable, but I get nice-looking ones that look good in the table.


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