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My Go-To Bathroom Color Palette


Choosing the perfect bathroom color palette is another thing that can be super tricky to pick!  Because bathrooms, like kitchens, are rooms that are really impactful on a home’s overall value.  So when we’re making choices for designing or updating a bathroom, whether it’s for materials, design color palette, or paint, those choices need to be made carefully.

As a general rule of thumb, I don’t think the bathroom is a place to take a major design risk and do something too funky.  Now before you frown and put your kitschy knick-knacks in a box in the garage, hear me out!  Funky or unique touches can be added through accessories and art if you please, but when it comes to tile, fixtures, and other really sorta-permanent aspects, I like to keep it classic.

So the bathroom color palette I use time and time again for my bathroom projects is: white, brass, and wood tones.  Simple, beautiful, timeless.  Whether you use white in the form of paint or tile, or brass through fixtures or lighting, or wood tones with your vanity or mirror or decor, there’s flexibility there to customize the color palette.  Then I layer in color, pattern and personality based on the home’s style and client’s tastes.  It’s a formula that works, people!

If you’re like “BOOOOORING!” then I still have somethin’ for you.  I created two spinoffs of this main color palette that work another color into the mix.

My Classic Go-To Bathroom Color Palette

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Favorite bathroom color palette

Shop White and Brass

Bath Hook // Fringe Bath Mat // Round Mirror // Fluted Glass Soap Pump // Knotted Fringe Towel

My Seaglass Green Bathroom Color Palette

Shop Seaglass Green

Recycled Glass Soap Dish // Cotton Towel Set // Framed Print // Lidded Jar Candle // Flatweave Mat

My Navy Blue Bathroom Color Palette

Shop Navy Blue

Blue Bottle Vase // Washable Mat // Two Piece Towel Set // Surfboard Blue Print // Ceramic Candle

Which one is your favorite?!  I’d love to hear in the comments.


  1. Lise

    I love the navy!! I plan to redo my kitchen with white cabinets and navy blue island

  2. Kayla

    We commence basement bath reno tomorrow! Feeling on track as our colour palette is similar to the sea glass green!! What’s your thoughts on mixing metals?? (We’re doing matte black & possibly mixing in some chrome)


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