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My First-Ever Book Signing

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Okay, I’m just getting the photos back from my first-ever book signing last week, and I’m reliving this night all over again.  What an experience!

Let’s set the scene: after work last Tuesday, we arrived at the totally cute Lido Village Books which looks out onto the water and shares a courtyard with some of the hippest restaurants in Newport Beach, CA.  They had tables of books ready to sign and champagne on ice.  Right as I realized this was all for my book (#surreal), my family walked through the door and we started taking photos and the rest of the night was a blur of smiles, hugs, permanent markers writing heartfelt notes, and just a whole lot of support I wasn’t expecting but that filled my heart more than I ever expected.

For those of you who don’t know Lido Village Books, you have to give them a visit!  Their location is great and they have a great selection.  (And no, I’m not just saying that because they have my book – ha!) They rolled out the red carpet for me, and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

To kick off the event, everyone took their seats (or gathered around since the event was completely sold out!) and I did a short Q&A with Julie Chan.  She interviews authors in a regular series called Beyond the Book with Julie, and she couldn’t have been a better moderator.  It was fun to chat about the book and about my experience in writing it.  But what really got interesting were the questions from the audience.  Since my book had only published that same day, everyone was seeing it for the first time and it was humbling to hear their feedback.  They loved it!

Everyone always asks if I get nervous speaking in front of a large audience, and the answer is always the same.  Sometimes I do!  But it’s only when I’m talking about something I’m not confident about.  If you want me to chat about houses, construction, the book I just spent a few years writing – I’m your girl!  Give me that microphone and let’s get down to business.

After thanking everyone for coming out and for their overwhelming support, I got to do something I’ve been dreaming of since I was a little girl.  I got to sit and sign the book that I had written.  SO SURREAL!  As I met and chatted with each and every person there, I was blown away by the dedication that so many have poured into my show, my life, and my career.  I knew it going into this event, but it was crystal clear coming out of it, I’m where I am because of each and every one of you.  I wrote this book to share with everyone that has ever tried to take on a home renovation project, but also as a thank you to all the folks that have cheered me on, lifted me up, and championed me from day one.  My friends, my family, my fans – the least I can do is sign your book and that’s exactly what I intend to do!

A great big THANK YOU to everyone who came out and made this night so special.  If you haven’t seen the rest of my tour schedule, check it out here and I hope to see you in person or virtually really soon.


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  1. Gale McGraw

    I’m SO excited to meet you at your book signing at Round Top! There couldn’t be a better combo than the ultimate vintage market and my favorite HGTV designer!


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