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My Favorite Tummy Time Essentials

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HGTV's Jasmine Roth's new baby Hazel doing tummy time

Let’s talk tummy time!  If you read that and thought, “huh?” I get it!  It wasn’t until I got pregnant and started reading aaallll the baby books that I really learned what exactly this is for babies, and why it’s important.

Basically, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that pretty much as soon as a healthy baby is home from the hospital, they can start tummy time.  It’s exactly what it sounds like: having the baby lie down on their tummy.

Doing this with your baby for a couple minutes and a few times a day is super important because it helps them develop the muscles in their neck and body that help them eventually learn how to sit up and then crawl, and then walk.  But a lot of babies don’t like the way it feels to be placed on their belly, so you gotta find ways to keep them happy and entertained to help build these little muscles up!

Brett and I have been trying to do more tummy time with Hazel, and we make sure to always have a lot of fun toys on hand to keep her engaged.  She’s just so cute lying on her tummy like that!  But always remember to never ever leave your baby unattended during tummy time.  It’s always best to get right down there on their eye level and play with them!  Oh and before I forget, on a Mommy & Me class Zoom call this week I learned that if you firmly rub your hand down the baby’s back while in tummy time, it will cause them to lift their neck up!  It’s a great way to strengthen those neck muscles.  So much cool stuff to learn!

My Favorite Tummy Time Baby Essentials

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I mean, how cute is that unicorn stuffed animal?!  I couldn’t resist.  Same story with the quilted play mat.  Who knew playing on the floor could be so fun?

Do you have any tummy time tips or tricks?  I’d love to hear them.  And remember, this time can wear babies out… They may need a nap after all that play time!

HGTV Jasmine Roth's husband Brett with baby Hazel doing tummy time

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  1. Martha

    You are such a good mom as well as a stellar baby advocate. I am so proud of you and happy for Hazel. It would be wonderful if this posting could go viral. Thank you!


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