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My Favorite Travel Essentials for Toddlers


A much needed update!  I was hanging with some of my mom friends this past weekend and they were like, “Jas, what happened to all the super helpful updates you posted when Hazel was younger?  We have no idea what to buy!”  So I couldn’t help but laugh and promise I would post a list as soon as I had time.  So without further ado, here’s everything I could think of that makes our lives easier with a 12-month-old to 18-month-old child – whether you’re traveling or at home.

1. Maxi-Cosi Car Seat Hazel just switched from her infant Doona car seat into this toddler car seat.

2. Kids Water Bottle Hazel loves this cup and I swear it makes her drink more water.  Doesn’t spill either!

3. Portable Booster Seat I bought this for my book tour and we take it everywhere with us now.  It makes it so easy to feed Hazel when she has her own little spot to sit.  It also folds up super small.

4. Lightweight Stroller It wasn’t the most expensive stroller, but we’ve put this one to the test and we love it!

5. Toilet Locks Hazel isn’t super curious, but it still makes me nervous knowing how dangerous toilets can be.  These are on every toilet in our house.

6. Toothpaste This flavor makes brushing teeth more enjoyable!

7. Toothbrush Hazel is 19 months old and has 10+ teeth.  She’s been to the dentist twice and she brushes her teeth every morning and night.

8. Busy Board We’ve been doing a lot of travel and have yet to introduce a tablet.  For now, these toys have been great!

9. Wipe Dispenser I keep this on the kitchen table near Hazel’s high chair.  It’s so easy to clean her up after meals and it holds the wipes we use really easily.

10. No-Spill Water Cups This was Hazel’s first cup and I have yet to meet a baby that doesn’t love it.  No spilling is key!

11. Wet Brush It’s not easy to brush a toddler’s hair, but these brushes are the best.  I actually use these as my travel brushes as well.

12. Doona Infant Car Seat and Latch Base I SWEAR BY this car seat and think it’s the best thing that ever existed.  We just switched Hazel from this car seat to the Maxi-Cosi, but I wanted to share this one too because it’s so good.


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