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My Favorite Rooms from Help! I Wrecked My House Season 1


HGTV Jasmine Roth in Help I Wrecked My House; white bathtub with grey tile

There are so many things I’m proud of from my newest show, Help! I Wrecked My House, that it’s kinda hard to really narrow down just one favorite. Apart from actual rooms from Help! that we demo’d, fixed and designed, I’m really proud of myself for working all throughout my pregnancy – right til the very end! – and all of the amazing families who put their trust in me to make big changes in their homes. It’s not easy to hand over the reins of your own project to someone else… even if it’s clear that you desperately need to bring in the pros!

And when it comes to each project, I definitely have a favorite room from each house we helped “un-wreck.” I love each and every one of these projects overall, but there’s a room in every one of these homes that definitely takes the cake for me when it comes to being my favorite. How ’bout you? Are any of these rooms on your list?

My Favorite Rooms from Help! I Wrecked My House

Episode 1: The Bedroom


For Episode 1, “I Don’t Want to Be Project Manager Anymore,” I really loved the bedroom. Creating those custom mirrors on the closet was really fun, and other than that this room really just needed some cosmetic updates. Keeping it neutral but adding in lots of textures through the oversized pendant light, wallpaper, headboard and bedding gives this room a clean but super luxurious vibe.

Episode 2: The Nursery


In Episode 2, “4 Weeks Til Baby,” I couldn’t help but love this nursery the most. YES, I was also pregnant at the time so that may have swayed my thoughts on this… but this room was so perfect for welcoming a newborn. Lots of rich materials like leather, sheepskin, and the yellow curtains made this room feel so warm and cozy.

Episode 3: The Dining Room


In Episode 3, “Time to Hand it Over to the Pros,” this dining room really stole my heart. I was working so hard to blend Ozzie and Lauren’s styles of Industrial and Farmhouse, and I think elements like the blue dining chairs and the large matte black pendants really achieved that.  We added in things like plants and wall hangings to soften the whole space and bridge those two styles. I’d love to eat here every day!

Episode 4: The Living Room


In Episode 4, “Can You Believe I’m Living Here?” I was SMITTEN with this living room. I mean, look at it! Those tiles at the base of the fireplace really set the tone for the whole room, and the rug, plants, and organic textures drive home that “Cali Casual” feeling. Throw a surfboard in the corner, and I’m obsessed. I said it.

Episode 5: The Wet Room


In Episode 5, “Behind the Tarp,” I think you probably already guessed the wet room would be my favorite room in this project. I mean, HELLO – there used to be a huge dirt pit here!!! The finished product is so slick and modern with the white subway tiles, matte black features and that show-stopper of a tub. Now all Andrea needs to do is put a good book and a favorite drink on that bath caddy, and she’s probably never leaving!

Episode 6: The Kitchen


And last but definitely not least, in Episode 6, “The Toilet is Still in the Hallway,” this kitchen was the kitchen to end all kitchens. We added in those gorgeous Zia midnight tiles in a herringbone pattern, and they really stole the show. The large brass pendant lights and light wood chairs and custom table were the perfect Mid-Century Modern cherry on top.


So there you have it – out of all the rooms from Help!, I narrowed it down to these!


  1. Daniel Martell

    Loving the show! What markers did you use for the diamond wall on EPISODE 2: THE NURSERY ? My wife and I would like to do recreate for an accent wall in dinning.

    Thank you!

  2. June

    I am glad you are able to narrow down your favorites cause I can’t – all of them are my favorites!!

  3. Christine McLain

    Are they going to renew your new series, “Help, I Wrecked My House!” My husband and I love it!

  4. Sam

    Where is the dresser from in the nursery closet?


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