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My Favorite Newborn Essentials

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Of course, it’s not until after the baby is born that you realize all the newborn essentials that are keeping you sane!  The past three weeks since Hazel was born have been the most completely blissful and totally exhausting weeks of my life.  Everything that I imagined about having a newborn was nothing like actually having one in my arms. That is, a little creature that needs my and Brett’s care 24/7.  And the love I feel is like nothing I’ve ever experience before, nor could ever imagine.

While I felt almost over-prepared with my baby registry, most parents with newborns will tell you that there’s a lot of things you end up buying after the baby arrives.  Because while you can try your best to be prepared, you just won’t truly know what your baby needs, or what your routine will be in those first few postpartum weeks, until your baby is actually born.

There have been some awesomely-lifesaving products I’ve been using since Hazel was born to help keep this postpartum recovery period running smoothly.  Because let’s be honest, when you have a teeny tiny baby, any little bit of help or shortcut that makes your life easier is worth its weight in GOLD.  These are the things I’ve been loving since Hazel came along.

My Favorite Newborn Essentials

Just click on each square to check out each item!

Do you mamas out there use any of these?  Of course there’s the obvious like newborn diapers, but I never thought I’d love a drying rack so much!  What are your favorite things I’m missing?!

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  1. Alison

    Wow, what a list! I really loved SNOO too as well. I love the design and Amy loves the feeling – it’s a win-win! I would add some book to the list, especially Susan Urban’s from blog and her Guides in a nutshell – about sleep training and breastfeeding. Reading those when pregnant made me much more comfortable!


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