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My Favorite Holiday Gifts for Toddlers


If you’re a parent and you’re like me, you’re still not done with your Christmas shopping.  My mom friends and I have been texting each other a lot about gifts, and what I’m hearing is that they have no idea what to buy for both their own kids and their friends’ kids.  We all want to buy each other things that we’ll actually use.  So today I’m sharing my favorite holiday gifts for toddlers – these are the things that Hazel and I love that will actually be used!

1. Play Kitchen I know, I know, I build kitchens for a living – but don’t sleep on a kid’s kitchen!  Hazel got this one for her birthday and plays with it every single day.

2. Toddler Old Skool Vans If you follow Hazel on Instagram, you know she loves her little Vans shoes.

3. Wooden Lacing Toy This is great for developing her fine motor skills!

4. Laugh & Learn Game Controller We’ve been doing a lot of travel and have yet to introduce a tablet.  For now, these toys have been great!

5. Sensory Fidget Toy Another great non-tablet toy that keeps her entertained.

6. Llama Slippers My mother-in-law bought these for Hazel and I had no idea how much we would use them!

7. School Bus This toy has been around forever and it’s still a crowd favorite.

8. Pop It Sensory Game You might find yourself stealing this from your kid, it’s so satisfying to pop.

9. Mess Free Markers I always had these on hand when my nephews were little, but had no idea how much Hazel would also love them.  She colors constantly and I don’t have to worry at all because the markers only work on the “magic” paper.  So smart.



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