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My Favorite Gallery Walls I’ve Done for HGTV


I’m hard at work on Season 2 of HELP! I Wrecked My House, and filming new episodes always makes me think of the past homes I’ve done on HGTV.  And this week I’ve had gallery walls on the mind!  It made me realize: there are some GOOD gallery wall moments from Season 2 of Hidden Potential!  So I thought maybe you guys would wanna take a stroll down memory lane with me and look back at my favorite gallery walls I’ve done for HGTV!

Oh, and don’t forget to read my post about my tricks and tips for creating the perfect gallery wall!  I’m also sharing my fave gallery wall gear at the bottom of this post in case you want to see what I use to hang them.

My Favorite Gallery Walls I’ve Done for HGTV

1. Behind the Couch

You might remember this gallery wall from Hidden Potential Season 2, Episode 3: “House for the Girl Gang.” This is one of the most classic and effective ways to do a gallery wall, in my opinion!

Print a bunch of family photos or art prints in different sizes, choose corresponding matted frames in different sizes, and hang!  You can mix up the finish of the frame for a more eclectic look, or stay with the same finish for a more cohesive look.  Either way, it’s not rocket science!

2. Up the Stairs

I love hanging a gallery wall in a stairwell so much, I did it in my own house!  This is always one of the best places to hang a gallery wall and it makes a dramatic impact too!  This one is from Hidden Potential Season 2, Episode 10: “Super Beachy.” 

3. Kids Art Bonanza

If your kid is a super prolific artist and you want to show off their masterpieces, this is the way to go!  In Hidden Potential Season 2, Episode 11: “It’s My Dream Home Now,” we used a large wall opposite the kitchen to install an epic gallery wall featuring kids art and some hidden art desks…

It’s pretty cool if I do say so myself 🙂  And if you want to recreate this look in your own home for your own little Picassos, the DIY is here!

4. Hanging Gallery

In Hidden Potential Season 2, Episode 13: “We Have the Prettiest House on the Block,” I did this outside-the-box gallery wall idea that lets you change out your pictures more frequently.  Plus, it’s just a really cool look!

5. Storage Gallery Wall

You know what the best gallery wall is?  A gallery wall that’s also HIDDEN STORAGE.  Mind BLOWN.  No really, I’m still so proud of this idea.  At first glance it’s just a nice gallery wall with family photos that are printed on wood…

…But then you see that they’re not just pictures!  For the homeowners in Hidden Potential Season 2, Episode 4: “Fence Bench,” I created this cute family gallery wall that also stores things away (and hides a play area on the other side of the wall!).  The power of cabinet hinges, people.  Functional storage is my absolute FAVE.


Gold Frames Set of 4 (also comes in Black, White & Silver) // Picture Hanging Hardware Kit // Level // Museum Putty // Command Strips // Sturdy Hammer


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