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My Favorite Dutch Doors from Hidden Potential


I’ve been reminiscing about all of my favorite Dutch doors from Hidden Potential.  Why, you ask?  Well, Spring is around the corner and warmer weather makes me think of a cute Dutch door with the top part open wide to let in the fresh air.  I mean, if you had the chance to do a regular front door or a Dutch door, why would you NOT choose a Dutch one??  Okay, okay, there are actually quite a few factors in play when it comes to determining whether or not a Dutch door is the right pick for you (like if you live somewhere with inclement weather… it may not be the best choice).  But for now can we just look at how CUTE these all are?!  Do you have a Dutch door or would you put one in your home?

My Favorite Dutch Doors from Hidden Potential

This might be one of my favorite Dutch doors I’ve ever done.  From the detail on the door, to the paint color, to the tile… it gets me every time!

Paint Color: “Vintage Vessel” by Sherwin-Williams SW 9050

Pro tip for this one?  If you have a window next to your front door, trim it in the same color!  You’ll thank me later 🙂

Paint Color: “Gentleman’s Gray” by Benjamin Moore 2062-20

But this Dutch door below also has a window next to it, and this time we only painted the door.  I think it depends on the color you use… “Copper Mountain” is such a cool, unexpected color, but painting more than the door would have been too much here.

Paint Color: “Copper Mountain” by Sherwin-Williams SW 6356

Here’s a closer look…

If you want a Dutch door with a more neutral vibe, I’ve got you covered here!  Please note the doormat 😉

Paint Color: “Elephant Ear Gray” by Sherwin-Williams SW 9168

This is one of the best “unexpectedly awesome” paint colors on a front door!  I loved that we painted both windows as well.

Paint Color: “Hubbard Squash” by Sherwin-Williams SW 0044

Blue door, anyone?  This paint color actually works on a surprising number of home styles.

Paint Color: “Georgian Bay” by Sherwin-Williams SW 6509

Maybe your home is calling for a purple Dutch door?  Then, when guests come over, you can say “I’m the house with the cute purple door.”

Paint Color: “Baroness” by Sherwin-Williams SW 6837

You know what looks great with a Dutch door?  A funny doormat.  And wall-mounted succulents… and a pretty light… and nice house numbers… and a plant…

Paint Color: “Spearmint” by Sherwin-Williams SW 6465

Pro tip!  Put a mail slot in your Dutch door.  Function meets form… and it will make you smile a lot.

Paint Color: “Rainwashed” by Sherwin-Williams SW 6211

Psst, if you want to take this a step further, take my Curb Appeal Quiz and add a Dutch door to your house style!


  1. Heidi

    Any tips on using a Dutch door on the interior? I’d love one for my office that opens to the kids’ play space- half open when I want to see how they’re doing, all closed when I need to work uninterrupted.

  2. Stacey Savage

    Where can I find Dutch doors?

  3. Kendra G

    I’ve been shopping for a Dutch door for a while now. Who makes these?

  4. Jennifer

    Do my shutters need to match my front door color?

  5. Brittany

    Hi! Question: where do you source the Dutch doors from? Are they usually fabricated by a local vendor or do you purchase them retail from somewhere?

  6. monte Kay Yohr

    I have a double door and want to have one larger Dutch door with 2 side windows. I’m in HB but can’t find a source to obtain the door through.


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