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My Fave Valentine’s Day Gifts and Decor


My Favorite Valentine's Day Gifts and Decor, The Blog by Jasmine Roth

Okay guys, I’m not really a Valentine’s person, but for some reason this year I’m actually into Valentine’s Day gifts and decor.  Maybe it’s because I’m a mom now and I love celebrating even the smallest things with Hazel.  And let’s be honest: in a pandemic, little joys are holding us all together right now.  Plus, Brett and I have always had a Valentines Day tradition – we have fondue on V-Day!  It’s something we both really look forward to each year.  So yes, I’ve been searching online for fondue ideas and some Valentine’s Day gifts and decor to make the day feel fun and special for all of us. Do YOU have any Valentine’s traditions or faves?  Lay ’em on me in the comments!

Love Tote Bag // Matching Pajamas // Fondue Set // Heart Wreath // Onesie Pajamas // Red Heart Pillow // Heart Dishes // Wood Bead Garland // Canvas High Top Sneaker // Watercolor Dish Towel

My Favorite Valentine's Day Gifts and Decor, The Blog by Jasmine Roth

And did I ever think I’d be a mom who wears matching pjs with my baby, let alone Valentine’s pjs?!  Nope.  This Hazel baby sure has a hold on me!


  1. Gabrielle MacKay

    I bought those same PJ’s for my granddaughter who is due in April, she’ll wear them next year.

  2. Lori

    For me Valentines Day is just nuts. Restaurants have a special menu, which is really the normal menu and they raise the menu prices. We love Papa Murphy’s heart shaped pizza. It’s really easy to bake and a treat. We make a salad and watch Netflix.

  3. Barb Sandusky

    My hubby and I have never been too into Valentines Day. Too much going on in life. Maybe this year we can do something.
    Having fun with your sweet daughter is how it should be!! Enjoy the fun and the memories you’re making.

  4. Michael

    Hey Jasmine…please post your recipe for your Fondue? Please? I do have a fondue maker that I haven’t used in years! xo

  5. Sherry Wasilewski

    We will be celebrating our 51st wedding anniversary this year!

  6. Judith Booher

    Good morning,
    I was perusing your shop and clicked on the “Geneva” chair. I got a reply that said, “404 page not found.” I went to the store website and I couldn’t locate it there either. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  7. Amy

    We always had the kids, so we always had a “romantic” date with them. We cooked a nice meal and used china, candles and “kid champagne” (sparkling cider). Valentines Day is always about the loves in our life.

  8. Sunny

    You look like two cute peas in a pod, just adorable. My tradition is to use the Conversation hearts and spell out a love message to my sweethearts.

    I’d like that recipe too please :} I used my fondue set once, for chocolate toblerone and fruit, but if yours is cheese and wine , count me in

  9. Melanie Mueller

    My little fellas and I make a heart shaped pizza together every year, and a heart shaped brownie for desert!

  10. Jessica

    My husband and I used to go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day but we got tired of always having a bad experience we decided one year to have fondue at home and have been doing it every year ever since. Best decision ever! That’s so cool that it is Bret and yours’ tradition as well.

  11. Jasleen Sasha

    Hubby and I have never really been into Valentines Day. We prefer to have ‘mini’ celebrations on any other day. Plus, hubby’s an excellent cook and I do prefer his cooking to any restaurant anyways ☺️. Hope you have a beautiful Valentines with the family ! ☺️?❤️

  12. Judy Smith

    I always mail Valentine’s cards to my parents (now just my Mom), to our children and now to our grandchildren. At times, I’ll bake and deliver sweets to each of them. My husband and I have always exchanged cards and now, with our children in thier own homes and families, we have a nice dinner together at home.

  13. Marilyn Edmondson

    I have loved Swiss fondue since we had it with friends who live in Switzerland – made from Emmental and Gruyere Cheeses (evenly in any amount you choose), clove of garlic, sprinkle of nutmeg, and Kirsch Brandy about a half shot (taste like cherries). We dip French bread, apples, cauliflower, mushrooms, etc.

    If you are shopping at Trader Joes in the late fall they sell a box fondue in the cheese section that is just like this recipe for around $10 and feeds two easily. We still add garlic, nutmeg and Kirsch. Our kids like it too.

    Finally, when I was young (1960-70s) my mom had a cheeseburger fondue that was a fun way to have burgers and introduce us to fondue. Wish I had that recipe.

    However you do it it fun!!

  14. Amy Wass Goldych

    We all love the vase you used for your roses on Instagram!! Where can we find it??

  15. Mary Ann Ward

    Hi Jaz, I love this pic with Miss Hazel. You both look adorable. No Valentines routines, just a shout out to you and Hazel. Opps, and Brett.


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