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My Eight Ultimate Travel Must Haves


I’ve been on a travel whirlwind lately, doing press for Season 2 of Hidden Potential, heading to Nashville with the Brady Kids to host the HGTV Lodge at the CMA Fest, and visiting old friends and their adorable new babies, and have gotten a bunch of questions about how I do it. For starters, I just really love to travel and be on the go. I think a lot of people have a free weekend and look forward to just staying at home, but when I have a free weekend, I think, “Where should we go?”

Also, I’m a pretty bare-bones traveler. I don’t need rose water spray or custom neck pillows to make it through a long flight. In fact, it’s all I can do to stay awake on airplane until take off. Most of the time, I’m legit lights-out before the wheels ever leave the ground. Maybe that’s why I don’t mind traveling back and forth from coast to coast so often; I just treat it as a good excuse to take a nice, long, five hour nap.

There are a few things I do have that I think make frequent travel easier and more enjoyable, and I’ve shared them with you below. But, more than anything, an iphone and an optimistic sense of adventure are all you really need to turn any trip into an epic odyssey. Oh, and lip balm. Don’t forget the lip balm.

Hello. My name is Jasmine, and I’m addicted to lip balm.

Yes. I’m serious. An old school camera. Separate from your phone. This one takes amazing photos. Plus, it’s really cute.

These are my current faves. Pair with jeans or yoga pants, white tank, and cozy wrap (see below) for the ultimate travel ensemble.

I love these things. Not sure how I ever lived without them.

This sweater keeps you warm on chilly flights, but can also be balled up and used as a perfectly comfortable airline pillow.

This is the one I’m currently working on. It’s really captivating, mysterious, and poetic. It’s both hopeful and devastating at the same time.

Snowboarding or not, this tiny traveler is the perfect size for packing. And it’s small enough to ensure you never go over the baggage weight limit. (Unless you’re packing bricks, which I wouldn’t put past myself.)

Who doesn’t like being organized? This nifty little purse insert is the best, and makes it super easy to swap out bags.


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