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My Birth Story: The Day Hazel Was Born


HGTV Jasmine Roth's Birth Story

The time is here – I’m finally sharing my birth story of the day Hazel was born! Do you guys remember when I found out I was pregnant? It feels like forever ago! But now, my life was forever changed April 21. And while the whole experience and my feelings are hard to put into words, I did my best. Enjoy!

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Birth Story

3:00 AM Couldn’t Come Fast Enough

Even still, as the alarm went off to head to the hospital to have delivery induced, Brett and I were both sound asleep. Sleep had been elusive the past couple weeks and with what was happening that day, it’s amazing either of us could relax. Over the past 3 days, we’d tried everything to start labor naturally. Long walks, short walks, walks on the sand, up and down curbs, and on stairs. We’d eaten spicy foods, eggplant, pineapple, and I even bought castor oil but then chickened out at the last minute. We distracted ourselves with work (we filmed an episode for HGTV in our courtyard 20 hours before we had our baby), we cooked together, we cleaned toilets. We FaceTimed with friends (we were smack in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic), we did virtual yoga classes, we did a few puzzles. We read books about what to expect during the delivery, installed the car seat, washed the tiniest baby clothes and packed our hospital bags. Still…no baby. Now, in her defense, I was still a week early at 39 weeks but I was DONE. I was just so over being pregnant and the doctor had already set an induction date because she didn’t want the baby getting too big.

Speaking of Doctors – a Quick Backstory

I have a didelphic uterus. This may be TMI but it’s important for the story, so stick with me. My uterus (the thing the baby lives in that’s inside the belly) is shaped like an overexaggerated heart, with the middle septum coming all the way down to basically make two uteruses. I knew since high school that I had this, and I always assumed it would keep me from having children. Luckily, Brett and I got pregnant pretty easily, but the doctor warned us that it might mean pre-term labor or a c-section when it came time to birth. So that’s why the doc scheduled an induction at 39 weeks (the baby was plenty big) and that’s why we packed enough gear to stay at the hospital for 5+ days. Also, remember we were in the middle of a pandemic so no visitors or guests were allowed, Brett couldn’t leave the hospital and come back, and we didn’t feel comfortable with him even venturing out to the commissary to get food. It just felt too close to the ER for COVID exposure! So yeah, we (literally) rolled up to the hospital with a wheelie cooler, like we were at a tailgate. Ha!

It’s Go Time

Once my brain woke up and realized the day was finally here, I elbowed Brett excitedly. “Brett, are you ready?” I asked. “I need a nap,” was his reply. We both laughed and got out of bed to get dressed for the biggest day of our lives.

Arriving at the hospital in the dark, we went to the side door that served as the check-in station during COVID-19. The nurses brought us to the elevator and we went up to the 5th-floor labor and delivery check-in. “Any chance you have an ocean view room?” I only half jokingly asked the nurse checking us in. He laughed and said, “hold on.” Hoag Hospital sits smack in the middle of Newport Beach and has a beautiful view of the harbor and the ocean. As we were shown to our room we looked out at the city lights just as the sun began to rise.

It’s definitely safe to say I wasn’t looking forward to giving birth. Do most women? I mean, obviously I was ready to meet our daughter and not be pregnant anymore, but the actual act of pushing (or cutting if things started to go south) a baby out of my body wasn’t something I was looking forward to. But Brett held my hand and I smiled and tried to be brave. He knew I was nervous and I knew he knew, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and be strong. And just like that, I was in the hospital gown, in the bed, with an IV in my arm. Time to have a baby.

Here’s How it Went Down

Since I was being induced, there was some down time in the beginning. At 5:15am I had a round of antibiotics through my IV, then at 6:15am I took anti-nausea medication (the antibiotics made me nauseous – go figure) and half of a tiny little pill to kickstart my labor. When the nurse handed the pill to me, she said she would check back on me in 4 hours and that, “There’s no turning back now.” I thought that was so funny I wrote it in my birth log. Ain’t that the truth?!

Fast forward to 9:50am when I took the other half of the pill and then 1:45pm when I had another round of antibiotics. As the nurse helped get the room situated and chatted with Brett, I went to use the restroom. As I sat back down on the bed, wondering when everything was going to get started, it happened! MY WATER BROKE! “Uh oh,” I told Brett and the nurse, “I think I’m peeing on the bed…” What a newbie I was! My water breaking didn’t hurt and I was really happy that it happened on its own. From there, we decided to start Pitocin, since I was still only 1cm dilated. (For those of you that are new to this whole birth thing – you have the baby when you’re dilated to 10cm… who knew, right?) We changed the bed, I got cleaned up, and suddenly I started to feel some major contractions.

Contractions. A word I’ve heard my whole life. My mom delivered 3 children all naturally (I was born at home, y’all!), and took graphic photos which she lovingly shared with me every year on my birthday. No wonder I waited until I was 35 years old to feel a contraction! All the birthing classes, the breathing exercises, the focal points, you name it… they all meant nothing about one hour into contractions. I’m not here to scare anyone, but HOLY HELL, THEY HURT! Brett was awesome, he tried to keep me comfortable, but there was nothing he could do. I changed positions, I tried to relax, I sat on the ball… I wasn’t okay. Now, just to be clear, I never intended to forgo an epidural. Not in the slightest. When I asked the nurse (I’m pretty sure it was more like, “GIVE ME AN EPIDURAL!”), she recommended I wait a little longer so I could still walk around and naturally move the baby down the birth canal. She gave me some light painkillers in my IV that did absolutely nothing and made me really sick to my stomach. Writing this, I sorta feel like I’m complaining, and guess what – I am. It really, really hurt!

Finally, at 4:45pm the anesthesiologist came directly from heaven and I got my epidural. THANK GOODNESS! **And just a side note to all of you that have had babies without any drugs – WOW! Mad respect, holy buckets, no way José for me.** As the epidural and anti-nausea medicine started to kick in, the nurses came back to check how far I had dilated. “Oh wow,” the nurse commented as I looked down at her, “no wonder you were in so much pain.” To all you mamas, this will mean something to you: IN 2.5 HOURS I WENT FROM 1CM to 7CM WITHOUT AN EPIDURAL. So yeah, that’s really fast. Speaking of really fast, at 6:30pm, just 12 hours after we started my IV, I was officially starting active labor and ready to PUSH!

Time to Push

PUSH, push, PUSHHHHHHH!!! The nurse (Hi, Tien!) was chanting like a motivational speaker at the end of a 3-hour set. She was on my right side with her right hand in the birth canal. Brett was on my left side. I had a foot on each of their shoulders and as each contraction came, we would all push together as hard as we possibly could. Brett had his left hand on my back, right below my neck and each time we pushed he squeezed my body forward with all his might. We were all sweating profusely through the most intense workout of my life. At this point, it was dark out. The sun had set, unnoticed by us, and our cheerful room had somehow been transformed into a birthing stadium where the periphery was dark and there was a spotlight on the main event. A little blonde girl, her bearded husband, and their nurse were all working together to bring a little human into this world.

Looking back at this moment, I wonder how much I actually remember and how much I “remember” from photos and videos. I was completely clear headed during birth, but the body is amazing and does this thing that makes moms forget everything but that final instant when they get to meet their baby. I’d heard that before, and it’s totally true. Luckily, Brett had set a GoPro on my IV stand and one of the nurses grabbed my phone to take videos.

“Okay Jasmine, you’re close enough, we’re calling the doctor and she’ll be here in 15 minutes to deliver this baby!” Never EVER have sweeter words been spoken…HA! In the meantime, the nurse asked Brett if he wanted to SEE THE BABY’S HEAD. “NO!” was his immediate response. (Brett always said he was well suited to be one of those dads that sits in the waiting room and is handed their newborn baby…ha!) But then she asked him again and he went for it. “Oh wow, she’s right there. So much hair!” and my heart immediately melted. To me, that’s the moment he became a dad and I couldn’t have loved him more.

Suddenly, out of the darkness that was the hospital room, nurses and doctors started appearing. I saw my OB, suited up head to toe in blue scrubs. She had a metal table where a nurse counted out the instruments she was being provided. I remember thinking that 13 sounded like a lot and how interesting that was, and then snapped back into reality as the nurse and Brett yelled “PUSH!!!” and we were back to our workout after a 15-second reprieve. To say I was nervous would be an understatement, but the adrenaline far exceeded my nerves. The doctor took over, her voice was much softer as she counted out the contractions. “Push, two three four five six seven eight. Push, two three four five six seven eight.” I’m not sure how long I pushed with her but with each push I know she said “okay, just one more big push.” I could look back at the video (not sure if I’m ready for that!), but my assumption is it was about 15 minutes. Rhythmic, almost like we were in a trance, sips of water, just my bed under surgical spotlights in an otherwise dark room.

HGTV Jasmine Roth in the hospital after giving birth

My World Stopped

And then, it really was ONE MORE BIG PUSH and I heard a small cry. IT WAS HER! And she was being lifted straight towards my chest with a nurse wiping her on the way. OH MY GOODNESS, SHE WAS PERFECT! She was real. A little girl that had grown inside of me, now laying on my chest. MY WORLD STOPPED. I cried. I cried so hard. The emotions were overwhelming and she was so warm on my chest. She stopped crying immediately and snuggled into me. SHE WAS HERE. We did it. Wait, where was Brett? I opened my eyes and of course his face was right there. “I just cut the cord,” he said. He was so excited, a little apprehensive, huge tears in his eyes. “We did it babe, she’s all ours, come here, give her a kiss,” I half whispered to him. At that moment, we were the only three people in the world. The nurses (there were probably 10 in the room), the doctor (I was still delivering the afterbirth and she had to give me 3 small stitches from a small episiotomy), the hospital equipment…all of it disappeared as this tiny baby wiggled against my chest.

They say birthing a child changes everything, and I agree. My friends ask me how it was and I can’t even begin to describe it. THERE AREN’T WORDS. I also realize how naive I was until now about what the human body is capable of, what our medical professionals are capable of (so so grateful to the team of doctors and nurses at Hoag Hospital), and how much of a life experience having a baby is. I thought 10 months of pregnancy would prepare me, but in that moment I knew that nothing could have made me ready for this. EVERYTHING HAD CHANGED and it was the best feeling in the world. Welcome to earth little baby Hazel. Mom and dad love you more than you will ever know.

HGTV Jasmine Roth Birth Story to Hazel
Jasmine Roth Husband holding New Baby Hazel

I hope you guys loved reading about my birth story as much as I loved writing and re-living it!


  1. Becca

    ALL OF THE TEARS! How magical ☀️

    • Catherine Bennington

      Beautifully written! Thanks for sharing….
      Love her name!!

    • Jeanette Ulness

      thank you for sharing your wonderful experience

    • Olivia Lawrence

      Hi Jasmine I am so happy with your new bundle of joy, they are really a gift from God and a blessing to us, you cannot explain the feeling if you did not go true it, I have 3 and it was all normal births but it is amazing feeling when you have the little one in your arms. but my kinds is all grow now 24yrs – 18yrs.12yrs old but I can still tell you it was amazing I have you and Brett spoil her very much and take good care of her she will change you and Brett’s lives forever my dear . I am from South Africa and I love you show Take care Jasmine and Brett be bless until we talk again
      Oh… I’m Olivia Take Care kiss that beauty for me all the way from South Africa

  2. Sue Stevens

    As a mother of two I couldn’t agree more. Never before had I experienced such pain and joy in the space of minutes. They are precious and they grow up into such amazing humans you will experience more pain and more joy in the years to come. Loved reading your story as a Mom of two one natural one c-section and hours of Labor bring on the epidural. Congrats on sharing Hazel’s birth story to both of you and wishing you all the happiness she will continue to bring

  3. Alisa Rogerson

    Thank you Jasmine for sharing!!! So well written and positive. I have taken that journey 5 times…the kids are all grown up now…Hazel’s sweet story took me back to that overwhelming joy that only happens when you meet your little for the first time❤️

  4. Nancy

    Jasmine loved reading your birthing story. It made me remember my three. I was one of those moms that delivered naturally with no epidural. Even my daughter who just had her second baby April 7 can’t believe I did that. She was like you and had an epidural. Bringing a child into the world is such a beautiful thing. So happy for you and Brett.

  5. Sarah

    Lovely story. I’m crying, too! Hazel is a lucky girl. Enjoy every moment.

  6. Carolyn Peterson

    I’m crying! Happy tears. Such a sweet story! I could feel the love you have with each other.

  7. Karen Hernandez

    What a beautiful birth story! You brought tears to my eyes. I gave birth to my little girl in January ❤️.

  8. Laura Silvera

    Thank you so much for sharing. It brought back so many memories. I gave birth to four, two natural two C section. Each birth was different and wonderful on their own right.
    God bless you and your family. Im a huge fan of your show, you keep it real and I love that!!

  9. Peggy

    What an amazing story. Both of my kids are emergency c-sections. Motherhood is the best club. Ever.

    Congratulations from Florida

  10. Daniela

    Awww I loved Hazel’s birth story !!!! Being a mom is the best thing ever!

  11. Larissa

    Omg I totally get you, and like you I was induced too, but unlike you I wasn’t given any pain meds and the Pitosin was given to me as soon as I had my gown on, 13 hours in pure agony!!! I didn’t want a c section at first, but later I was screaming and asking for one, the dr said “ no, Ik u can do it” , I will never forget that pain, and that’s why I only had one child, she is 24 years old now, I couldn’t be more proud of her, she is my life and I don’t regret it at all, but I always thought I was going to have 2 kids until I had her, giving birth is intense, especially with no meds, she was born in PR and I don’t think they were to fond of the epidural unless u were going to have a c section, but yeah, I get you, is incredible when they finally come out of you, and more incredible when the nurse woke me up at 2 in the morning to breast feed her after 13 hours of pain, everything became real at that point. Well, that’s my story

  12. Natasha

    Beautiful story! Touchy years to my eyes and made me remember my own experience just 8 short months ago ?

  13. Lisa

    Oh, this brought tears to my eyes, so beautiful. Thank you as I read this on my son’s 32nd birthday. There are no words.

  14. Becky

    Thank you for sharing. I was also induced and had my baby girl (Sydney) in April 21st. Covid baby like you. I am in Canada though. My induction and birth took almost 72 hours. It was hard. I was so weak after I needed my husband to hold her in me. I also had an allergic reaction to the IV which was scary. I appreciate that you shared this. Thank you.

  15. Martha

    OH MY GOODNESS, I cried reading your birth story. It reminded me of when I was giving birth to my two babies, now 12 & 7. Nothing will ever prepare you for that overwhelming, best feeling in the world love that you naturally feel just as soon as you hear their little cries. Enjoy every moment because honestly, it goes by so quick. I am one of your fans and I love everything about you, your designs and houses and now your little family. Kisses to you and baby Hazel…

  16. Tina Burson

    Congratulations Jasmine & Brett! Loved reading your birth story. Hazel is just beautiful & so perfect!

    I’m 64, a mom of 3 adult children. All different birth stories. But can remember their births so perfectly.

    Congratulations again! The best is yet to come.

    P.S. Love watching your show on TV! I’m in OC, so was excited to see your projects were local.

  17. Aubree

    Okay I’m crying and I loved all of this! ?

  18. Stephanie Perry

    You are a fantastic writer!!! What a great way to cherish that memory. Your daughter will love it and so will other new Moms. Great job you!!

  19. Barbara

    I am so happy for you and your family. It’s been 26 years since I delivered, at Hoag, but reading your story caused so many memories to come flooding back. Thank you for sharing. God bless, Hazel!

  20. Lisa

    So sweet! The love I felt while reading this made me cry. Thank you and she is the cutest little baby!

  21. Val Love

    I’m crying. Hazel has such a beautiful story from the start! I’m sooo happy for your beautiful family. She is more than perfect. ? May you and Brett always feel her love and the love of each other. May you make a zillion memories together. May your love for each other get you through anything this world throws at you. Paz y amor.

  22. Kym maslyn

    Absolutely beautiful !! I had my two girls 30 and 27 years ago and I remember like it was yesterday! And since then I witnessed my grandson born ( Jan 5th 2020 ) . Somehow I did it without an epidural- I’m not sure how ! Thank god for short labors and I never had pitocin and with that you need an epidural!! I worked labor and delivery for a year ( I’m a nurse ) and loved witnessing each birth . God bless your beautiful family !

  23. Melissa Schmittou

    OMstars…. talking about tears… I cried through out your story…. asboutly beautiful. I wish I could turn back the clock and write about my 3 beautiful children ( Hazel is going to love this when she gets older) I wish you and Bret the very best as looking at all your photos and stories, you are a couple made in heaven! Keep loving each other and always continue to date. Hazel is a very lucky lil girl!! God’s blessings to you and Bret.

  24. Brenda

    I was a Bradley Natural Childbirth teacher for many years & also coached & did birth photography. I have 4 Bradley babies (44, 40, 36 & 30). Needless to say I love childbirth & birth stories! Thanks for sharing. Hazel is absolutely beautiful & perfect! You & your husband are so blessed!

  25. Monica Carrillo

    Beautiful Birth Story Jasmine. Congratulations to you and Brett. Welcome to our crazy world baby Hazel. Enjoy your time with her. It goes by so fast. My boys are now 24, 21 and 19. And I desperately miss those tiny baby days. ❤️ Monica

  26. Liz

    Simply beautiful. Made me cry and think about my sons birth – 35 yrs ago. No drugs for me and you’re right it did hurt but he’s the best so totally worth it!!

  27. Darien

    Hi! I had our baby April 11th and was pregnant when I watched Rock the Block and seen that you were then as well, followed you on IG and have been since!
    What a lovely birth story! So glad it seem chill about Covid (no masks or crazy protocols). We had to wear masks out of the room and no visitors as well but Chris could go get food, that’s all. I had a scheduled C-section due to him being breech and my uterus is also a heart shape the OBGYN said lol! That probably caused him to be breech.
    Hazel is so freaking cute and glad you are doing so well! And again lovely story ❤️

  28. Jackie

    Oh my gosh! What a beautiful story! Made me cry, those sweet baby happy tears!! It took me back to when I had had both my baby girls! Best days ever!!??enjoy every second with her! It sure goes fast! My girls are 9 and 7 now! Sweet baby Hazel will love this story!!

  29. Sue Baldaro

    Congrats – great story and thanks for sharing! ❤️????? Love from Canada!

  30. Nancy Jones

    Jasmine, I LOVED reading your birth story! Thanks so much for sharing it! I laughed, and cried, and remembered the stories I wrote for my children (my youngest is expecting her second child). My husband and I have enjoyed your HGTV show as well as the competition (can’t remember the name, but congrats on the win!), and look forward to seeing you more in the future. Isn’t motherhood amazing?! oh, and I had all three of mine w/o any anesthesia. It HURTS! LOL! I enjoy seeing little Hazel and watching her grow. Best wishes to you and your family.

  31. Lisa Chatlain

    What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing! Beautifully written. ❤️ Welcome Hazel.

  32. Louise

    Thank you for sharing Hazel’s beautiful birth story.

  33. Judy Hagan

    Thank you for sharing your story. So happy for you and your husband. I am a nurse midwife who does home birth. I got such a laugh about you mentioning how your mother shows you pictures of your birth at home every year!!! Definitely a home birth mom. Love your show and I am inspired. I have flipped 10 house in the last ten years. Congratulations again!!!

  34. Danielle P

    Congratulations, Jasmine and Brett! I am so excited for you. Baby Hazel is so beautiful. I’m pregnant with Baby #2 and this brought tears to my eyes. You are so right about no words being able to describe it but you did a great job. Thank you for sharing your story!! ?

  35. Katie

    Awww!! Thank you for sharing.

  36. Debbie G.

    Thank you for sharing your precious birth story. I loved reading it! It made me think of my first time giving birth almost forty years ago. I’m the mom of two boys. Both of my birth stories are quite different, but so special and something I will always cherish in my heart. Welcome to this crazy world sweet Hazel! Congratulations to you and Brett!

  37. Tasha

    Brings me back to when I had my little guy just nine weeks ago. We ended up having to do an unplanned c section but like you said, as soon as you hear that people cry, your hold world changes. I instantly started bawling my eyes out as I watched the nurses clean him up and get his vitals. Such an amazing experience!

  38. Amy Kay

    Beautiful Jasmine! Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I’ve missed your HGTV shows so much but you have the best excuse. I am married and turning 34 this year and have yet to experience motherhood. You make it sound less scary and even inviting, Ah! Nonetheless, baby Hazel is perfect! Wishing you all the best today and always. Much love from Phoenix Arizona. ?

  39. Sheila Murphy

    I explained childbirth as, “ the hardest thing you’ll ever do, BUT, the absolute COOLEST thing you will ever do!!! ❤️??? Enjoy enjoy enjoy! & you have the sweetest little girl ?

  40. Sarah

    I totally cried! Having delivered at Hoag, those ladies are amazing. YOU are amazing. Happy for Hazel and your fam ♥️

  41. Julia B

    Oh. My. Gosh. I never ever get emotional reading birth stories (22 weeks over here), but yours made me CRY. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I’m so looking forward to the day I get to my little girl!

  42. Mitzi Wilkins

    Awww made me cry (happy tears) ? so very happy for you, Brett & precious Hazel !!! Bought back memories of giving birth to my daughter(only child) but mine was rather different lol my daughter was 10lbs 9oz 231/2 “ long. Worse part was no drugs no epidural no nothing ? but once she was out it was like someone turned the pain switch off !!
    Again so very happy for you all truly ???

  43. Lisa MacFarland

    I’m reading this behind tear blurred eyes. The birth experience is beyond amazing- I’ve had 4 children all naturally and now my first grandchild, a baby boy born just a few hours after Hazel in sunny Florida. I have watched all your shows, loved following your pregnancy and your now your lives. I love that your real and know your story touches many. Congratulations…enjoy and absorb every moment.

  44. Lily Jacinto

    WOW! Loved your both story, I cried with you. I had a similar story 34 years ago. My water broke at home, I thought I was involuntarily peeing myself. Ha. My friends insisted I call the doctor. I was admitted by 12:00 noon, 3 cm dilated and I was given pitocin to induce delivery. Like yourself I had no clue, but was in excruciating pain! I asked for drugs! The nurse scolded me as I was breathing incorrectly and started hyperventilating. She could tell something was off and she decided to check me and said on my your ready! She called the doctor and my daughter Alyssa was born at 4:20 that afternoon!
    Congratulations to both of you! Enjoy every moment, I know you’ve been told, but time will fly by so fast.
    Hugs ?

  45. Krista

    Loved, loved, loved reading your story. Brought tears of joy to my eyes. I have 2 children and never thought I could love a second as much as the first. Boy, was I wrong. When you have babies,everything you thought about love can never compare. So happy you got to experience this.

  46. Courtney

    I love to “hear” your thoughts about the whole experience. (I feel like we would be easy friends). You are such an upbeat person and you are already an all in momma!! My 3 all came late. And each scene was a little different and a lot the same. Thank you for your warmth that come through all you do! All God’s VERY best to your family.

  47. Courtney S

    I love to “hear” your thoughts about the whole experience. (I feel like we would be easy friends). You are such an upbeat person and you are already an all in momma!! My 3 all came late. And each scene was a little different and a lot the same. Thank you for your warmth that come through all you do! All God’s VERY best to your family.

  48. Cathy Sizemore

    My”baby” is a 31 year old young man, but your story brought back so many memories. So many wonderful moments are ahead for all of you.

  49. Kim Bellimer

    I had 6 babies and each delivery story was unique. I didn’t have the option of an epidural so they were all born naturally. Having said that I believe there’s no right or wrong way, just what’s best for you! I am now a grandmother of 6. You both are amazing parents and you have a beautiful daughter. My great grandmother’s name was Hazel. That name will serve her well! The best to you and your little family.

  50. Heidi

    So excited for you guys! She is such a BEAUTIFUL baby!! There is absolutely nothing better than bringing those sweet babies in to the world. Eat it all up and enjoy the ride…it goes WAY too fast.

  51. Sheryl

    ❤❤ So Happy for you both and happy for Hazel to have such wonderful parents, it’s a journey of parenting but would not change it for the world, we had 3 girls…Thank you for sharing you brought me happy tears of joy!

  52. Krista M

    Reading this gave me life! Love it! It brought me back to when my girls were born, both via c-section, I loved reading a natural birth story. Thanks for sharing, Jasmine!

  53. Alyssa Qualls

    Hi Jasminexand Brett! I LOVED reading Hazel’s birth story. I completely understood every word! I felt like I was actually there with you! ? Congratulations and enjoy the journey with Hazel and future babies! Time flies so take picture and pay attention to the small stuff! God Bless your family!

  54. Nicole White

    Congratulations ? Such a wonderful thing to create, carry, birth and love a tiny human being ?
    I remember being your age when I had my daughter, and have loved watching her grow into a beautiful young person (she heads off to college this fall).
    Enjoy each and every little moment as your family grows. ?‍?‍?❤️

  55. Kathy

    Brought back memories of my daughter being born 29 years ago-thank the good Lord for epidurals! And my daughter’s birth story 3 1/2 yrs ago. She was induced and doing great. Then her water broke and she said it was like the “gates of hell being opened.” Got her epidural and her sweet daughter slipped out on her own while my daughter was asleep. She was the talk of the unit. OB arrived to deliver the placenta-no discounted fee.

  56. Elizabeth B

    Jasmine, you are such an amazing women and now momma! This story is beautiful. It’s yours, hers. I just had my first baby in October and it’s amazing. I had a c section though. You and Brett seem to be such amazing parents! Hazel is so lucky!

  57. Lisa

    I have 3 grown children, all natural deliveries like your Mom. It was just the thing to do in the 70s and 80s.

  58. Magaret

    Thanks for sharing the story of Hazel!! I’m in tears. She is so beautiful, your little family is precious. Praying for a full and amazing life! My ‘babies’ are now 36 and 41, and I’m blessed with 4 grandchildren who have my whole heart. Savor every moment, it seems to go by so quickly.

  59. Bonnie B

    Jasmine, Thank you for sharing your birth story of how beautiful Hazel blessed your world.. It’s been over 19 & 25 years since my babies were born. I agree epidurals are absolutely everything! Watching your stories I’m surprised you didn’t gain a hundred pounds eating all Brett’s delicious looking cooking. I wish you, Brett and Hazel continued blessings.

  60. Hollie

    I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!

  61. Kathy J.

    Jasmine, yes, tears in my eyes…..thank you for sharing. Great writing! Like your mom, all 3 of mine were born at home. Had a doctor and a midwife. Wonderful birth experience. We were using the Bradley Method. Wish your little family much happiness. Many congratulations!!!

  62. Fran Nelson

    I had tears in my eyes after reading your post. You’re so lucky to have experienced this. Happy for you all ?

  63. Kathy A

    I have happy tears streaming down my face. After giving birth to 5 sons (all with their own unique birth stories) I can tell you each time is a miracle. Continue to write Hazel’s story. I can tell you it just keeps getting better. ?

  64. Patricia Filer

    Amazing story. My husband and I felt the same way years ago when we had our two children. The best feeling in the world when you see your baby for the first time.

  65. Thamiris Marangoni

    What a beautiful story told through your memories. Hazel will love to hear this story through you, and I am sure that whenever you tell, you will relive this very special moment.
    I really admire your work and I always follow it here in Brazil.
    Now I am loving to follow this new chapter of tour life.
    May God bless your family that just got a little bigger and much more beautiful.
    Thami do Brasil

  66. TerryAnn

    Thanks so much for sharing. The miracle of life is truly amazing isn’t it! ?

  67. TerryAnn

    Thanks for sharing!! Life truly is amazing! ??

  68. Lisa Russell

    My one and only baby will turn 18 on August 15, and your beautiful story took me back to his magical entrance into the world. I would have gone for #2, because you do forget the pain, but I was already 44 and had dodged all the “geriatric pregnancy” (ha!) bullets once. I was also induced and went through the majority of labor without an epidural, but got it just in time. Blessings to you and your family!

  69. Judy Colon

    Simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  70. Laura

    Reading your blog brought me back 16 yrs ago to the day I gave birth to our beautiful daughter. I remember that day with the same clarity you write with. Thank you for sharing your story. Bless you, your husband and beautiful baby Hazel.

  71. Roberta

    Love the story! It brought back memories of me having my son,my first born,43 years ago. I had a natural and easy birth. Back then it was so totally different having a child than it is now!
    Congratulations on your bundle of joy. She’s beautiful!

  72. Mani

    Girl! Congratulations! I love reading birth stories since every miracle is unique. Regarding the pain…. I hear ya! Went from 4 to 10 in 10 minutes. Too late for drugs!!! But after seeing the little bundle of joy so with the pain! Again congratulations!

  73. Lori

    Congratulations to both of you! I loved your story. They are all unique and beautiful. It is ironic that with all the pain we women endure in labor that we are willing (well some) to do it again because a child is an amazing gift. I also have a daughter Hazel (Annabelle) who just turned 21. Time flies so enjoy every minute and thanks for keeping the name going.

  74. Brenda B.

    So happy for you both and your lovely little one, Hazel. It was the best time of my life when I had each of my two wonderful sons. You are right, the pain leaves and the love stays. Can’t wait to see more pics 😀

  75. Yadira Montano

    Just Discovered HGTV
    I had baby boy last October
    It took me back to my experience
    I was one who had no epidural..
    Any who love ? ur story best wishes
    Gorgeous family …keep up ur amazing work …

  76. Leslie

    Love the birth story of baby Hazel ❤️❤️❤️, many blessing for your beautiful family.
    This story remains me my daughter Khiara’s birth 12 years ago, I got a similar experience with an induce labor but mine last for 18 hours that ended up in a C section, and as u said all that shock that our body went through goes away the moment you hold your baby on your arms.

  77. Cathy Baker

    I Loved reading your story. It amazes me that no matter how many women have babies and tell their stories they are all so unique and all so personal so thank you so much for sharing.
    I am a momma of twin girls ,Its so funny I remember very vividly my husband saying to me right after they were born (18 hrs of labor ,natural with an Epiderol ) 6.8lbs and 21.5 ” long each. Oh my Goodnes I will never put you through that again!! Haha.
    Oh and by the way I have the same birthday as Hazel … special!

  78. Caroline

    What a wonderful story that you will remember forever! Thank you for opening your world up to all of us fans that adore you, and now adore Hazel! Blessings to you all?

  79. Jessica

    Hi Jasmine!! Thank you for sharing your biggest reveal to date???❤️

  80. Judy Smith

    Congratulations, Jasmine and Brett. Child birth is ( and was for me twice)a amazing experience and any woman who has experienced child birth should be proud of themselves for the hard work they did. Jasmine, you are a wonderful story teller. Thank you for sharing.

  81. Sharon k Siebert

    3 c sections. Last one my daughter Danielle Nicole was scary. She wasn’t breathing for the next 10 hours she kept coding blue. Her lung collapsed too. Then she was transferred to children’s hospital! I saw her for 60 seconds finally 10 hours after birth. Before they took her away. The next 4 days were horrible for me, away from her. But when I finally saw her a lot of tubes, wires. Scary stuff. But she was released from the nicu on Thanksgiving day! We had her seat next to the turkey main course at mom’s house so we could look at my miracle baby!


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