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My Baby’s a Snowboarder!


You guys, I have to know – have you seen my baby snowboard yet?!?  So, if you’re not on social media (follow me on Instagram or Facebook), you might be like, “Wait, Jas, Hazel is only 8 months old, she can’t even crawl yet, let alone walk – no way can she snowboard!”

And of course you would be right, but I’m here to tell you, this little baby gets so excited to put on her snowsuit and stand on her snowboard.  She got her first snowboard for Christmas and it’s been a love affair ever since.

Snowboard Cover // Kids Snowboard (a similar one linked here)

I just have one question: is a love for snowboarding genetic?

Cause if so, she’s getting this hobby from both sides!

Baby Bunting Snow Suit

So the first thing we did to “teach Hazel to snowboard” was to get her some snow gear.  We take her to the park on sunny days, but it’s still cold outside. Here’s the gear we’re loving:

Baby Ugg Boots

Snow & Ski Helmet with Goggles

Beanie & Mittens Set

Quilted Water Resistant Baby Jacket

The next step was to get her a board!  This board is so perfect because she can grow into it.  We got the cover for it so it won’t scratch our floors inside and a little cord that retracts that we can pull her around on when she’s a little bit bigger.  And the best accessory is the handle!  It’s padded and she actually holds onto it with her little baby hands.  So cute!

Baby Bunting Snow Suit 

Baby Bunting Snow Suit

Snowboard Cover

Kids Snowboard


Obviously she has a long way to go, but for now we’ll be practicing in our living room and outside every chance we get.

Can’t wait to see your little ones on snowboards as well!  See you out there! ✌?

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  1. Esther De Boer

    That is soooo cute!! ?

  2. Fannie Wilson

    So beautiful. I guess it’s in the blood. Love it.

  3. June

    It must be in the genes she totally has it the joy on her face us priceless.

    • June

      It must be in the genes she totally has it the joy on her face is priceless.

  4. Karen

    Hazel looks like she’s having fun
    On the snowboard and daddy’s having fun too.
    Great video!!!?

  5. Nova

    So cute ???

  6. Sandy

    Love watching Hazel on her snowboard. Just a thought. It would be nice if the bar was modified so the adults had a higher handle to hang on to so you don’t kill your back ?


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