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My 7 Favorite Front Door Paint Colors


One of the number one questions when it comes to rennovating a home: what are the best front door paint colors?!

Well, if you’ve watched my HGTV show Hidden Potential, or follow along on my Instagram feed, you know that I’m BIG on curb appeal. It’s the first impression your home makes to the world!  And do we want our first impression to be a dull one?!  Of course not!

One of the easiest ways to customize the front of your home (with major impact) is to paint your front door. Sure, your front door may already be painted – but does its current color say anything meaningful about your personal style or you and your family?  If you answered no, let’s spice things up a little! Today I’m spilling some front door paint secrets to help you bring a little more LIFE to your curb appeal.  Let’s get painting!

My 7 Favorite Front Door Colors
Colonmade Gray Sherwin Williams Front Door Paint Color1. Colondade Gray

Colonnade Gray  is, in my opinion, the perfect warm gray color for a front door. If you’re looking for a fresh new door color that works with a neutral color palette, this is the perfect paint color for you.
Vintage Vessel Sherwin Williams Front Door Paint Color

2. Vintage Vessel

This color, Vintage Vessel, is such a breath of fresh air. It’s a go-to color for homes that have a beachy or Craftsman vibe, and will look great from the street!

Hubbard Squash Sherwin Williams Front Door Paint Color3. Hubbard Squash

Hubbard Squash is such a buttery, satisfying yellow color! It would work with both Craftsman and even more modern home exteriors, and is sure to bring a smile to anyone who passes through this sunny door,

Georgian Blue Sherwin Williams Front Door Paint Color4. Georgian Blue

Ahh, Georgian Blue, what a deep and rich blue color. Again, this paint color would work on more exterior styles than you might think, and it will bring so much depth to your curb appeal.

Copper Mountain Sherwin Williams Front Door Paint Color

5. Copper Mountain

The award for unexpected color that ended up amazing goes to Copper Mountain!  This color is a great way to do something different with your front door while maintaining a more cohesive look with the rest of your exterior. Pro tip: trimming it with a nice, bright white paint will make it pop nicely.

Baroness Sherwin Williams Front Door Paint Color6. Baroness

I know what you’re thinking: “Purple, Jas?!”  Seriously guys, trust me.  But with Baroness, this shade of purple looks so fresh and welcoming on a front door, and it will definitely set your home’s curb appeal apart from the rest of the street!  You’re welcome!

Night Owl Sherwin Williams Front Door Paint Color7. Night Owl

And last but not least, my favorite cool gray tone, Night Owl. If you’re more of a cool gray person than a warm gray person, I got you.  This color is timeless, but also rich.  Adding a fun metal door knocker will take it to the next level!


  1. Jen

    Do you ever use any other paint brands? I find Benjamin Moore products to be superior. BTW, you look wonderful!

  2. Nina

    Great colors that make such a statement & very pleasing to the eye!!

  3. Delbert Schoeberl

    Love your work. We live in Minnesota, and are thinking about painting our home, and think the front door will be the icing on the cake. Right now house is beige and front door in brown… thinking about shade of grey, and not sure about door color.
    Wishing you tons of joy with your soon to join us baby.

  4. Silvana Rosales

    Soy de San Luis Argentina, siempre te veo, se que estoy muy lejos para refaccionar mi humilde casita, seria un sueño para mi, pero bueno la economía no ayuda, besos

  5. Rachelle

    On the Dutch door , where did you get this door? I’ve been looking into them

    • Jasmine

      I get almost all of my Dutch doors from Ganahl Lumber!

  6. Sara Mayer

    Hi Jasmine! Love all these colours! I am planning to paint my little house this summer and I want to do something brave like the baroness! I am wondering what colour you used for the main part of the house??

  7. Shelley Wiseman

    Hi. Hope you can answer this for me — I live in the West Valley (SFV, Los Angeles) and I have double front doors and there is a metal security door in front of my front door(s). At the moment, they are painted a bronzey brown, but they are so dull I would like to paint them a lighter color. Do I paint the doors and the security doors the same color? Also, I’m sequestered at home by myself so I will need to do this by myself. Do I rent a paint sprayer to do the security doors as they have thousands of little holes and I think it will be really hard to paint them without clogging the holes up. Yikes, clearly I need help. Thank you!

  8. Anne W.

    HELP! I know this is an older post of yours but I’ve been wanting to repaint our front door for some pop! Leaning toward yellow or orange since our house is brick & cedar, is this good/bad idea? The cedar just kinda scares me because I want it to pop but not clash. Any other colors I should consider. BTW Hazel is adorable and love you on “all” your shows!

  9. Melissa

    Where can I get a door similar to the one in Colonnade Gray?

  10. Shirley

    Just did our door with a color close to #4 and love it!
    Next project is living room. What color is good on walls with a dark blue couch and off white- let tan rug. We have baby blue now and it’s so tired looking!


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