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My 6 Favorite Exterior House Paint Colors


There are so many exterior paint colors to choose from!  But the color you choose to paint your house makes such a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: the exterior of your place is the first impression that your home makes to the world, so you want it to be a good one!  If you have a cool, sparkling personality, do you think it would reflect who you are to have a home with a “blah” color painted on the front?!  Of course not!  So it’s always puzzling to me when I see people leave this super important detail off their design list.  But, I get it: if it makes such a big impact and covers such a large amount of space, it can be intimidating to choose the perfect color!

Whether you’re gripped with fear that you’ll pick the wrong paint, or just need to be pointed in the right direction, I’m here to help.  I’ve painted so many homes over the years – and yes, repainted when the color didn’t turn out quite right – and I have 6 favorite exterior paint colors that have risen to the top.  Curb appeal, here we come!

My 6 Favorite Exterior Paint Colors

Grizzle Gray Sherwin Williams Exterior Home Paint Color

1. Grizzle Gray

I’ll tell you what, this paint color is sharp!  Grizzle Gray is a gray paint with just the slightest blue undertone in it, which gives it a richness that I think a gray color really needs when it’s used on exteriors.  This color would work on a lot of different architecture styles, too!

Dutch Tile Blue Sherwin Williams Exterior Home Paint Color

2. Dutch Tile Blue

I LOVE Dutch Tile Blue.  It’s such a soothing color you’ll love coming home to when you’re driving up the street and pulling into your driveway.  It’s also a great color to dip your toe in the pool of using a less “traditional” color on your home’s exterior without it feeling too bold or over-the-top.  This would work really nicely on homes that feel more Craftsman.

Pure White Sherwin Williams Exterior Home Paint Color

3. Pure White

Let’s be real: white houses are classic!  If your heart is set on the quintessential white house, this is, in my opinion, the best white paint.  And yes, it’s possible to pick the wrong white paint color (like, really possible).

Above are a handful of ways I’ve used Pure White paint.  I used this paint color 9 times in Season 2 of Hidden Potential!  It really works, people!

Colonial Yellow Sherwin Williams Exterior Home Paint Color

4. Colonial Yellow

If you’re someone who would want to paint your house yellow, I feel like you already know who you are.  So here’s my favorite, sunny yellow paint color.  Now go paint your house to be as cheery as you are!

Forestwood Sherwin Williams Exterior Home Paint Color

5. Forestwood

This Forestwood color is the perfect option if you want to use a darker color, but take a little more of a leap than a dark gray.  It says, “hey, I’m green, but I’m not too green, okay?”  I think it works really well when paired with white trim and some natural wood accents in the architecture – like the home above!

Silverplate Sherwin Williams Exterior Home Paint Color

6. Silverplate

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got Silverplate.  This color is a creamy gray that would work really well if you want to trim your house in white.  And if you’re going to choose a more neutral overall color like this, I dare you to paint your garage door (or front door!) a bolder color.  It’ll take your curb appeal to the next level!

Which color would you choose?

HGTV Jasmine Roth Favorite exterior paint colors

Don’t Forget Your Painting Supplies!


  1. Debbie

    All beautiful colors. When I bought my house last year it was all white with a very light grey trim and black shutters. I thought the white garage door was BORING. So I painted the garage door charcoal grey and trimmed it in black to match the black shutters. What an amazing pop to the house. Hate the red tile roof but that’s another story. Wish I could post the photo but this site won’t let me.

    • Jasmine

      That sounds amazing, Debbie!

  2. Kathleen Said

    Love your style. We live in one of those track homes on warner/graham. I’m having the hardest time deciding on paint color. We are replacing our roof with a gray shingle and want a cute beachy style house. So I want to go bold but not too bold because like you said it is an expensive mistake. I got a sample of Behr Thai Teal yesterday and I am going to try a patch on the back wall. And for the front door I want a bright yellow Dutch door with white trim. We are planning on relandscaping the front and pour a slab of cement 10’ in front to create a patio like we’ve seen you do on your show. I want some kind of craftman bungalow columns with a railing. I’m in the process of getting quotes but these contractor are such flakes. Our driveway and garage have a coating on them and now after twenty years it’s flaking off. And I’m having a hard time finding someone who can do a similar thing. We’re refinancing and want a new look after twenty years here. We just lost our 24 year old son to an accidental overdose here in Huntington Beach. We need a new start because I’m so heartbroken. If you can offer advice I’d love to hear it. Love you and your show and now your beautiful baby. All the best to you and your adorable family.

    • Jasmine

      Oh Kathleen, I am so sorry to hear that. Thank you for sharing your story. Your project to update your home sounds like a great way to keep busy while feeling so heartbroken. Behr Thai Teal is a really pretty color but it might read too bold on an exterior! I bet SW Dutch Tile Blue would give the same impact, especially if you want a yellow front door. What yellow are you thinking for the door? Mine at my own house is Rubber Ducky by Dunn Edwards, and SW Hubbard Squash is great too. Sending you lots of love <3

  3. Myrna

    Thanks for this information. My mother’s house needs painting from beige to something more modern and fresh. I know she will love some of these. We may be going with the perfect white and I KNOW there are some wrong white paints!

    • Jasmine

      Good luck Myrna! Let me know how it goes 🙂

  4. Erin

    Love your colour choices and style! My fave white paint is SW pure white! It’s used throughout my house and is going to be used for the spindles of my front porch! (My whole house is painted in SW colours)

    • Jasmine

      You can’t go wrong with that SW pure white, right?!

  5. Jeanne

    I painted my exterior 6 months ago using Behr October Sky; it is very similar to the Dutch Blue.

    • Jasmine

      I just looked that color up and it’s so pretty! Thanks for the tip, Jeanne!

  6. Amy

    Hey Jasmine! My fiancé and I just love your design style. We really like the Forestwood color you showed above but we live in the NW and there’s a LOT of green trees. I’m afraid the house might get lost in it. Do you have another color that is similar in depth you might recommend? Thanks!

  7. Twana Jones

    Love the exterior looks!!! We are also replacing our roof and changing the color to Georgetown Gray. We have already painted the front door and shutters Muskeg Grey (Valspar)and will be paint the garage door to match. We are thinking of keeping the trim Prizm White, and changing the body to Metropolis (Valspar), or Vessal Gray (Valspar). Hazel is beautiful, love your sweet little family. Enjoy your show, and following your Insta!!!

  8. Kelly☮️

    I used your recommendation of Sherman Williams Pure white to update our brick ranch. We couldn’t happier; it looks amazing . Thank you Jasmine I’m a Big fan!

  9. Jessie Mitchell

    I love these colours! I’m about to start an exterior paint job on our pebble dash house, which has some white siding already. Hoping the white suggestion will look great with a fresh wood railing and columns on our front porch. Ps- I’m obsessed with your blog, show, tips, everything!

  10. Renee

    I have a white stucco house with red tile roof with an aqua arched door surrounded by a Moroccan relief. The wood Windows has been stained redwood but they have major termite damage. We just lifted the tent and have a painter lined up to fill the termite holes and paint because we can’t afford for him to restain them. My question is what paint color would best mimic stained redwood. I’m considering Behr red pepper. This is basically just around the windows however there is a balcony deck in the back. What would you suggest?

  11. David Hare

    Hello Jasmine,

    hope you are all okay? Love your shows, and design ideas. My favourite colour here is the Colonial Yellow, to me I think of Los Angeles as a sunny place to live even though I’ve never been there and do not even live in America. I know people like the gray colours but to me that reminds me of a overcast rainy day, I like a bit of colour something bright and cheerful.



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