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My 5 Favorite Tools

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When you work in construction on an HGTV show about building houses, you get asked what your favorite tools are… a lot.  I get it – there’s nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of a project and realizing the tool you’re using is the wrong one for what you need to accomplish.  So today I’m sharing my 5 favorite tools, and these are ones I’ve used time and time again.  Here’s hoping they help you with your next project!

1. My Favorite Drill/Impact Driver

This is literally the tool that I recommend to every single one of my friends.  The batteries on the bottom of so many drills are so big and clunky, they’re too heavy for someone my size to use.  I’ve built whole houses with just this set and it’s also great for hanging photos, assembling furniture, etc.  I like this set because it comes with a bag to store them in.  Make sure you get a set of drill bits and impact driver screw bits as well!

Drill & Hex Impact Driver 2-Tool Combo Kit

2. My Favorite Work Gloves

Finding women’s work gloves that aren’t flowery and pink (think garden gloves) is actually pretty tough.  These are the best ones I’ve found and their sizing is pretty on point.  I wear a small.

Work Gloves

3. My Favorite Random Tool That Everyone Needs

Yup, this is a little random but it’s so helpful.  You know how every single piece of furniture, light, kid’s toy, plumbing fixture – you name it – comes with a little Allen wrench for assembly?  Well, having this tool means that if you lose that little wrench, or want to have multiple people assemble, you’re golden.  Also, it works great for a bike seat adjustment!

Folding Hex Key Set

4. My Favorite Screwdriver Set

For years, I had random old screwdrivers in my tool bag.  I made do with what I had, but I was constantly stripping screws because of how old and odd they were.  Then for under $15 my whole life changed.  Using the right size screwdriver on the right screw can make all the difference.  Highly recommend this set!

10-Piece Screwdriver Set

5. My Favorite Hammer

Leave it to Leanne Ford to not only make a hammer that’s beautiful, but that’s also the perfect weight.  Oh, and while you’re at it, you might want a set of these cute safety glasses. 🙂

16 oz Hammer

Safety Glasses

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  1. Moncho

    What brand of work gloves does Jasmine Roth use? I can’t seem to access the site to see the brand details. Also, does the manufacturer sell men work gloves of the same kind & color?

    Many thanks. 😊


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