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My 5 Favorite Kitchen Styling Tips


Season 2 of my HGTV show HELP! I Wrecked My House just finished airing, and we sure did a lot of kitchen projects this season.  When you combine the seven kitchen projects we did this season with the kitchens from last season, plus two whole seasons of Hidden Potential, I can confidently say I know my way around a kitchen design.  And over the years, the same themes ring true for me project after project.  My 5 favorite kitchen styling tips are ones I lean on season after season and use in my own house.  They even can be found throughout the pages of my new book.  Because once you find a formula that works, don’t mess with it!

My 5 Favorite Kitchen Styling Tips

1. Use Functional Items As Decor

You know those things you use to cook food?  Pots, pans, utensils, etc.?  Those actually look great on display in the kitchen.  I know, what a groundbreaking thought right?  But I see more often than not that people tuck these things away, when really they make great styling pieces.  A pot rack like the one shown below is a great way to add functional storage to your kitchen while adding some visual interest.  Plus, putting wood or metal items on display just adds another great texture to the room.

2. Always Have at Least 1 Plant

This is my rule for any and every room of the house!  Plants, whether they’re real or fake, add energy to a room.  They carry your eye around in a pleasing way, and to me, they just make everything a bit happier.  So make sure you find a plant that looks good in your kitchen, put it in a pretty planter or basket, and let it work its magic.

3. Gather Items in a Tray on Your Island or Countertop

Kitchen islands can be, well, big.  It’s exciting to have that much food prep space to work with on an island countertop, but if you don’t style it nicely, it can look like big sterile slab of coldness.  This is where I like to bring in a large tray, top it with a vase of flowers or a plant, and add other ready-to-use items like bowls, napkins, candles, placemats, and so on.  If you’re working with a smaller kitchen, this trick is just as important.  Using a tray to organize what needs to stay “out” on the countertops will free up your usable countertop space while looking thoughtfully styled at the same time.  Win-win!

4. Bring in Some Framed Art

I’m still not sure why people are so hesitant to bring a frame into the kitchen.  Don’t be scared – just do it!  Framed art – even something you tear out of a cool magazine – makes a kitchen feel warm and livable.  Framed art looks great on open shelves, or simply prop it up on the countertop like below.

5. Bring in Some Pops of Wood

This is almost as important as my plant rule.  Kitchens can easily feel cold and unapproachable because of all the hard surfaces at play.  The best way to combat that, in my experience, is to bring in wood to warm up the room and soften the cold surfaces.  Cutting boards, utensils, and other decor items like cake stands or cookbook holders are great dual purpose items: you actually need them in the kitchen, and they serve as decor at the same time.


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