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Maternity Clothes: Everything You Need to Know About Dressing the Bump (Part 2)


HGTV Pregnant Jasmine Roth pregnancy shoot for best maternity clothes

Okay, the last time I posted about maternity clothes, I was “fairly” pregnant. At the time I thought I was enormous, but looking back on it, my bump was still pretty small! Now I’m feeling SUPER preggo! So I wanted to write another post to share this: you might have to grab a few more articles of clothing about halfway through your pregnancy and that’s totally okay.

I can’t believe how much our bodies change! I mean, 10 months (yes, it’s 10 months, not 9) is a LONG time in my world – multiple seasons, projects, styles – and I feel my best when it’s easy for me to get up and get dressed. So here’s what I’ve purchased, and again, just a general disclaimer – ALL BODIES ARE DIFFERENT AND BEAUTIFUL and just because something worked for me, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. That said, if this post helps even one person, I’m happy!

My Favorite Maternity Clothes


First things first – I haven’t had to buy any additional jeans. The ones I purchased at the beginning (though a little tighter now) are still working great and I couldn’t be happier with them! 

Denim Ankle Jean // Butter Ankle Jean // Flex Ankle

The other thing I still really like are these leggings. They are the ONLY ones that actually fit over my belly and stay tight all day.

Belly Support Leggings


I know what you’re thinking – if not the jeans or the leggings, what was the problem? Honestly, the SHIRTS! I have a little bit of a long torso, and you add a belly to that and suddenly all my cute maternity shirts were way too short! I actually found some really great new shirts at Gap – who knew?!

Pure Body Crew Neck // Pure Body V-Neck

I also bought these shirts in just about every color. They wear really nicely!

Side Ruched V-Neck Tee

HGTV Pregnant Jasmine Roth on a california beach with chihuahua

Okay, but a girl has to have more to wear than just jeans and a t-shirt (or so I hear), so I needed a few things to dress up or dress down my outfits. My fave thing to dress up an outfit: a cute NON-MATERNITY jacket. The thing I like about spending money on these jackets – I can wear them after baby as well. I just don’t zip them and they still look really cute!

Corduroy Jacket // Oversized Jacket // Trucker Denim Jacket


My favorite thing to dress down in – you know, like after a long day and a long bath – some sweatpants! And after a full day of having pants up over the belly, nothing is nicer than just having some low-rise comfy pants. These are SUPER SOFT and I got a size Small:

Mamasana Jogger Pants

HGTV Pregnant Jasmine ROth trying on maternity sweatpants in her closet

Another super comfy item that I’m really loving (I bought it for myself and my friend that just had her second baby) is this sweatshirt! It’s technically a nursing sweatshirt (which is great for once baby gets here) but you would never know.

Camo Crewneck Nursing Pullover


And then it came time to wear a dress. Oh no! Just kidding, sorta, ’cause it was a bit of fiasco. You can see the entire conundrum on my “Which Baby Shower Dress Should I Choose?” post. I loved the dress I ended up choosing for my shower, but I’ve also bought a few since then that are great for maternity, and will also double as nursing dresses after baby shows up.

Nursing Dress // Flutter Sleeve Midi Dress

Oh, and the most random thing I’ve bought that turned out really cute? These overalls!

Denim Maternity Overalls

So hopefully that’s IT, no more clothes buying considering this baby is only 5 weeks away. Fingers (not legs…belly’s too big for that) crossed!  


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