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Kitchen Organization Ideas You’d Never Think Of


Jasmine Roth organizing her kitchen with secret paper towel storage

Okay guys, you all are ALWAYS asking me for my favorite kitchen organization ideas. Because let’s be honest, is there anything better than a REALLY well organized kitchen?! Okay, I’m sure there might be better things, but this is pretty high on my list of “things that make me super happy.” We spend a lot of time in our kitchen, and having organizational systems in place just makes cooking and prep time that much easier and more enjoyable.

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Spice Rack Kitchen Organization Ideas

And if you’re a Hidden Potential fan (thanks for watching!), you know kitchen remodels are kinda my thing. And my absolute speciality in these kitchen remodels is adding epic features that make you say “WHAT?! COOL!” but also “that makes my life SO MUCH EASIER!” Who doesn’t want life to be easier? Anybody? Okay, moving on!

Anyway, when I was planning my kitchen in my new house I recently moved into, I definitely took a page out of my own Hidden Potential playbook to step up my organization game. I went back through all of my favorite projects to browse all the cool things we did in these kitchens to customize them, and it inspired me! I realized it would be helpful to gather all this kitchen organization inspo into one place in case I’m not the only one OBSESSED with something like a hidden paper towel holder, a pull-out pizza station, hidden tray storage, and more!

My Favorite Kitchen Organization Ideas

Hidden Paper Towel Storage

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Favorite Kitchen Organization Ideas

Yes, this is the face you make when you realize paper towel can be hidden inside a cabinet.

Hidden Potential kitchen with counter organization
You could also hide it under the countertop. Either way you choose it, hidden paper towel storage is oh-so satisfying.

Hidden Tray Storage

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Favorite Kitchen Organization Ideas

And this is the face you make when your idea to integrate beautiful wooden trays into the side of a kitchen island comes out even better than you imagined. If you do a lot of entertaining, this is a must-have amenity!

Hidden Cutting Board Storage

Hidden Potential kitchen storage with Jasmine Roth

Here’s another twist on hidden things: hiding your wooden cutting boards in between the cabinets! You need to chop something? BOOM. Your cutting board is right there at the countertop waiting for you.

Pull-Out Pizza Station

Jasmine Roth creating a pizza making pull out in the kitchen

Do you LOVE homemade pizza night at your house? Why not make a pull-out pizza station!

Jasmine Roth creating a pizza making pull out in the kitchen

I get a lot of questions on social media about this so I’ll answer them here. Yes, the little compartments pop out of the drawer for easy cleaning. No, this drawer isn’t refrigerated. You just set it up for pizza-building time so you have all your ingredients in one place! This idea would work for baking, or taco night – the sky’s the limit!

Toe-Kick Secret Storage

Hidden Potential secret kick out drawer in kitchen

How about making the toe-kicks (that’s the recessed space that’s under the cabinet) actual drawers that store things?! Why would we waste this space if we didn’t have to? This was a MAJORLY COOL upgrade.

Perfectly Organized Utensils

Kitchen organization ideas from Hidden Potential HGtv

How many times have you reached into the drawer where you keep all the “things we stir with” and they all get caught on each other? Not anymore!

Drawer Peg System Storage

Jasmine Roth's peg system for organizing kitchen drawers

Sometimes having a big drawer for storage is cool, but then everything slides around in it and gets all jumbled up. Then nothing is organized, and you end up annoyed. I made this peg system to utilize the drawer space to its full potential, and it made all the difference!

Eye-Catching Wine Storage

Wine storage from Hidden Potential

You know what’s awesome? Wine storage. You know what’s even more awesome? Wine storage that looks cool.

Kitchen wine storage display from HGTV Hidden Potential

Fully stocked and satisfying to look at!  Win-win!

Hidden Device Charging Station

Secret storage drawer for charging station in kitchen

We all need to charge stuff. We all end up charging our stuff in the kitchen. Cords sure don’t do wonders for a pretty kitchen, do they?! Creating a charging drawer is such a sweet amenity for a kitchen – plus it greatly reduces the risk of something spilling on your devices!

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  1. Elise Lundeen

    These are so so good!

  2. Diane

    Great ideas!!!! Can you do the install?

  3. JoAnne

    I was wondering if you knew the color of those teal cabinets I would love to paint mine that color.

  4. Karen uboldi

    Jasmine you are genius with these incredible ideas for tucking away the pizza drawer is great I’d use for taco night. I don’t understand why builders in new homes don’t add these it’s a bonus all around. We need more of you! ❤️❤️

  5. Michael Cuff

    Hi Jas…you have to do my kitchen over…what a tease?

  6. Paula

    When I did my kitchen remodel 4 years ago, my designer cabinet maker installed the toe kick drawer, though not as deep as yours. But it serves me well to stash my valuables when I travel. ??. Wished I had thought about a device charging drawer.

  7. Brenda T

    Because most builders are men. They just don’t think of these cool, convenience features like women do.

  8. Jeneen

    great ideas!!! thanks

  9. Lonnie D

    You thought of everything and more!

  10. Michael

    Anytime you want to do our kitchen over, we’ll pay you❤️ Think about it…I know you are….

  11. Klara

    Well done, nice article!

  12. Tamrah Gutierrez

    Hi Jasmine,
    Absolutely love your design style and lovely personality.
    I have a question regarding the peg organization system in the deep drawer, what spacing did you use for the peg holes?
    Cheers, Tamrah

  13. Patricia Duffy

    How did you do the paper towel cabinet dispenser. I want to put that in

  14. Kathy Wilson

    I love the color of the green cabinets. Can you please let me know what the color is?


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