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Jazzy’s Shop Picks: Ridiculously Affordable Rugs

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HGTV Jasmine Roth's Favorite Affordable Rugs

I’m such a sucker for good affordable rugs. I’m a huge fan of finding the perfect rug because a good rug can instantly change the design of a room. Let’s say you’re looking to update your space in a big way, but you don’t have a big budget. Simply changing out the rug would instantly change the room’s vibe. I told you guys, I’m all about rugs!

And I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine: I layer my rugs. Here’s what I do… I buy an inexpensive neutral rug that covers my whole space – for example, an 8×10 jute rug. Then I buy a pretty, patterned rug to layer on top – maybe it’s a 5×8. Rugs with pattern can sometimes be more expensive than neutral, natural fiber rugs, so this is a great way to add in your personal style without the large price tag. Then, when it comes time to change up your rug again, just change out the smaller one on top! You’re welcome.

And one more secret: the rugs in my Shop are REALLY well priced. Like… too well priced, maybe? Anyway now that you know both of these secrets you should run, don’t walk, to the Shop to snag a rug or two!

My Favorite Affordable Rugs from My Shop

1. The “Perch” Rug – $305 for 5′ by 8′

You can’t go wrong with a natural fiber rug, and you can’t go wrong with a good black stripe, so this is a win-win kind of rug!

2. The Vintage Ivory Rug – $82 for 4′ by 6′

This rug is so pretty and light and airy.  It adds depth without weighing down a room – it’s like magic.

3. The “Tide Pool” Rug – $139 for 4′ by 6′

This is such a cool rug.  It’s a jute and cotton combo, so it’s got organic vibes and is also soft underfoot.

4. The “Louise” Stripe Rug – $150 for 2′ 6″ by 8′

Here’s a great base layer rug!  The cream stripe pattern would work well under a number of other colors or patterns and really add interest to a room.

5. The Vintage “Rose Bud” Rug – $85 for 4′ by 6′

Raise your hand if you like a pop of pink!  Now raise your hand if you like a pop of turquoise!  Now raise… okay.  Yeah, just maybe stop raising your hand and buy this rug already.

6. The “Mukai” Rug – $405 for 9′ by 12′

This rug has such a mesmerizing pattern, it really would change up your space!  And you can’t go wrong with a good gray color, in my opinion.

7. The “Ondine” Rug – $405 for 8′ by 10′

Last but not least, this is the kind of rug that looks like it costs over $2,000, but it doesn’t!  I love a good rug steal.


Where do you guys find your favorite affordable rugs? I love finding new vendors or shops that have great products!

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  1. Krisanne Hudson

    I love rugs and actually put them on top of carpeting. I am lucky enough to live in the Phoenix area and get great rugs from Nellis Auctions (they get returns from all of your favorite online stores, some new, some used, some damaged) where there is a new online auction every day. That means new inventory to look through every day- which can get you in to trouble! I Just bought a brand new 9’x12′ Boho rug for $60.

    Nellis also does auctions in Las Vegas, and occasionally California as well.


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