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Jazzy’s Shop Picks: My Favorite Planters


HGTV Jasmine Roth's favorite planters

Planters! Almost more fun than picking out the actual plants. Can we ever have enough of them? The results are in, and the answer is “nope.” You know, it’s a design rule of mine to have a green plant in every space. Plants just add so much energy to a room and help keep it from feeling dull and one-dimensional. Wondering what kind of Plant Personality you are? I got you covered here!

But even if you’re not much of a green thumb, that’s totally okay. I use faux plants a lot in my projects and in my own home, and one of the big tricks to getting a faux plant to look real is putting it in a really pretty planter. And I have some really gorgeous planters in The Shop! So grab some fake plants – you guys, Target has some for under $20 – some pretty planters, and let’s liven up our home!

My Favorite Planters from The Shop

1. “Oahu” Planter – $75

This is such a blank canvas of a planter!  Just about any little plant would look good in it, and the texture on it is so pretty.

2. “Evelyne” Planter – $55

I’m partial to planting flowers in this planter, but I think a fern would look great in it too!

3. “Keswick” Planters, Set of 3 – $60

I love that these planters come in a set of three that are varying in size, because they look so good grouped together!

4. “Bellinger” Pot – $45

This pot is awesome because it can really be used anywhere, style-wise.  And it’s another planter that will look amazing with virtually any plant in it!

5. “Pierview” Pots, Set of 2 – $165

I love, love, LOVE the Pieriew Pots.  The wood texture is so beautiful, and no two look alike. These really warm up a space, too – I think they look especially nice in kitchens!

6. “Silverspur” Planter – $114

If you’re looking to find a home for a larger plant, this planter is a favorite in my Shop!  Did someone say fiddle leaf fig?

7. “Higgins” Pots, Set of 2 – $125

I love these pots so much, if I were a pot, I would probably be these.  Sounds silly, but these are totally my style and I love using them in my projects!  The metal on top of a wood stand is such a good look.

8. “Argo” Circle Vase – $55

Last but not least, I had to throw a vase into the mix!  If you’re all about the faux route, you could put a few fake green sprigs in this, and it would look lovely.


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