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Jazzy’s Shop Picks: My Favorite Kitchen Decor


What’s great about kitchen decor is that it’s something so fun and easy that can be switched in and out any time you want! Because I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been spending a LOT more time in my kitchen lately.  And by that, I really mean Brett.  He’s been holding it down and cooking the most delicious meals for us over here in quarantine baby land!  We’ve been cooking every meal, every snack, every midnight snack… you get the idea.  If you’re like us, you might be looking around your well-used kitchen thinking, “Okay, it’s time to spruce this place up a little!”

I have the cutest kitchen decor in my Shop, and so many of these pieces would work in a variety of kitchens, no matter the style.  So clear off those countertops and make room for some pretty new stuff!  If anything, it will take your mind off all those dishes you have to do… so… many… DISHES!

My Favorite Kitchen Decor

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Favorite Kitchen Decor

1. “Bobbie” Cutting Board – $45

Marble + wood – has this ever been a bad combination?!  That’s a trick question, and the answer is “no.”  This cutting board is one of my most popular shop items, and it’s one of my personal faves, too.

2. “Huntington Harbor” Cutting Board – $35

This acacia wood cutting board looks like a cute little surfboard!  Need I say more?!

3. “Metzler” Pitcher – $35

I think every kitchen needs a classic glass pitcher like this.  It can be used as decor, for serving fun drinks, or even as a flower vase.

4. “Alberta” Wooden Pedestal – $125

This pedestal is one of my FAVORITE things because there’s so many ways you can use it!  Think of it as a little coffee table that sits on your countertop to make things look good.  Use it to hold cute coffee supplies, or a wine bottle and glasses, or a pretty display of fruit, or a cluster of candles… I could go on forever!

5. “Dartmoore” Baker – $45

Stop reading this sentence and go buy this stoneware baker!  Just kidding, don’t stop reading.  Seriously though, this piece is the perfect combination of rustic and California cool.  It also looks like it’s been in the family forever, so it would look awesome on an open shelf!

6. “We Love Butter” Butter Box – $30

Have you ever seen a cuter butter box in your life?  This butter box has a slight retro feel that makes it both super cool and super sweet, all at once.

7. “Balboa” Bread Box – $70

If it was acceptable or necessary to own multiple bread boxes, I would have 10 of these.  The bamboo lid is airtight, so this piece is both functional and pretty.  Score!

8. “Halifax” Canister – $35

This blue-green color always seems to find its way into my designs.  It just looks so good in kitchens!  Fill these canisters with things you regularly use like rice, pasta, flour or sugar and put them on display.

9. “Ocean Spray” Enamel Bowls – $100

These enamel bowls are designed to stack perfectly within each other, so putting these on your kitchen shelf would make for the perfect #shelfie moment!


If you’re looking for a kitchen update that’s a little more permanent, be sure to check out my favorite kitchen cabinet paint colors for an awesome refresh!


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