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INDIA BUILD with Habitat for Humanity – Day 8


In August 2016 I traveled to India to build homes with Habitat for Humanity.  My very candid recap of the story here…  

On my eighth day in India (Start at DAY 1) I was well rested and ready to work.  We arrived at the build site ready to DIG.

And dig we did!  We had started digging on Friday, so we had a pretty good idea what we were getting into.  But as we got deeper into the trash-filled rocky ground, our progress slowed. The process included breaking the dirt, shoveling the dirt into pans, then moving the dirt away from the trenches.  The purpose of our digging was to pour footing for the foundation of a news house. I couldn’t help but wonder, as we broke for lunch, how much it would cost to rent a backhoe…

One of the main questions I get about my trip to India is “how was the food”?  And let me tell you – from the breakfast at the hotel, to the lunches at the jobsite, to the dinners in the city – each meal was more delicious than the next!

Feeling the energy from our lunch, we got back into our teams and started moving dirt for the afternoon.  About half way through the day, sweaty and needing a break, we made our #volunteeringisfun fitness video. The way I see it, the better mood we are all in, the better we work and the better the experience.  

And just as we were starting to bicker among ourselves (no longer strangers and doing manual labor in hot dirt can start to wear on anyone) it was time to call it a day.  I think all of us were proud of the work we accomplished!

We headed back to the hotel for a quick shower (the rooms were very nice but the hot water was a little hit or miss) and headed up to the dining room for a sunset dinner.  The team was tired but in good spirits!


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