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INDIA BUILD with Habitat for Humanity – Day 6


My first day off during my Habitat for Humanity Global Village build in Bangalore City, India and it was time to explore!  (See Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 to catch up.)  Our local volunteer leader loaded us into our van and we headed to the market.  Because I get car sickness really easy, I sat in the front and asked rapid fire questions.

Q:  What are they doing in that garage over there?
A:  Making incense sticks for export.

Q:  Is it common for construction workers not to wear SHOES?
A:  Yes, it is more common than not.

Q:  Seriously, are there any traffic laws here?
A:  Not really!

As we got to the market and got out of the van, it was all we could do not to get run over!  It felt like there were people, motorized scooters, motorcycles, carts, cows, dogs, kids, and more people EVERYWHERE.

Q:  That street food looks delicious, can I eat it?
A:  Absolutely not.  India has different bacteria than the US and your stomach won’t be able to process that food.

Needless to say, this market was HUGE and very overwhelming.  I loved it!  In addition to housewares, food, flowers, meats, animals, vegetables – there was some great gift shopping.  Spices, gold, statues – you name it!

Q:  Is it cool if I get Henna Tattoo’s on my arms?
A:  Yes!

After leaving the market, we were treated to a traditional Indian lunch served on banana leaves.  Though the pastes and curries all looked very similar, each one had a very unique flavor and was delicious.  Since it was my sixth day in India, I decided to join the locals and forgo silverware.  Because the rice was sticky, it was easier than I expected!

Q:  Is it safe to ride in a tuk tuk?
A:  Relatively…

Q:  Is there beef served at McDonalds?
A:  No!  The cow is considered sacred in India and though many eat beef, the Hindu religion still prevails.

Q:  Can we go to bed early tonight?  I’m so tired!
A:  Yes, here’s one more traditional meal and off to bed!


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