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I’m Renting Out My House On Airbnb!


HGTV Jasmine Roth's Beach House on Airbnb; kitchen

We put our house on Airbnb!! This is it – it’s happening! Brett and I are renting out our house and we’re calling it… wait for it…

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Beach House on Airbnb; bedroom

The 11th Street Retreat. (#11thStreetRetreat) What do you think of the name? I actually came up with it myself and I’m usually pretty terrible at names, ha!

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Beach House on Airbnb; living room with beach decor

So just to be clear, this is a BIG DEAL for Brett and me. This is the first house we ever owned together and we built it from the GROUND UP. It’s the only house we’ve lived in for the past 7 years and it holds so many of our important family memories. We’ve shared this house with our friends, family, and with everyone that watches HGTV. We’ve hosted our annual chili cook-off, had more birthday parties that we can count, beach days galore, we even made a pool in the bed of my pick-up truck in the front yard once.

I’ve stretched and challenged myself as a designer in this house, not to mention basically using it as a “living portfolio” to start Built Custom Homes. We came home from our honeymoon to this house, brought baby Hazel home from the hospital to this house, and leaving it was honestly like leaving a little piece of my heart behind. But wait, there’s a happy ending!  Brett and I decided to keep the house (thank goodness, cause I would cry and cry if we had to sell it right now… maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones… maybe not) and we’re going to RENT IT TO ALL OF YOU!

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Beach House on Airbnb; outdoor space with grill

So if you’ve followed me on social media or my blog for a while, you probably feel like you already know this house because it’s been the backdrop for our entire home life since 2013. If you don’t know this house, or want to see more of it, I’m going to be posting all about it on this blog, so make sure to sign up for my blog updates HERE. Also, I’ll be posting as we open up more dates, so make sure to follow us on social HERE.

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Beach House on Airbnb; master bathroom

Never in a million years did I think we would be able to rent our house and we’re SO EXCITED to share it with all of you. Please remember we’re new to this, so if you guys could be patient with us (new dates will be opening up every week until all of them are available) and kind to us, then I think this will be a really positive experience for our family. We can’t wait for your feedback, but hoping you guys will love the house or at least give us a chance to help you love it!

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Beach House on Airbnb; bedroom with palm tree wallpaper

So yeah, you can see more photos and check out the listing HERE. Can’t wait to hear what you all think and hopefully see you in Huntington Beach really, really soon. 🙂

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Beach House on Airbnb; family room

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Beach House on Airbnb; booknook


  1. Shannon Ochoa

    I wanna stay there, it it on there yet?

  2. Peggy

    Such a great idea! You did say at one point you never want to let go of it. This way you won’t have too. Hopefully everyone whom rents it respectfully stays there. Congratulations!

  3. Michael Wilson

    Looks great. I hope it’s a great success.

  4. Mark Scott

    Great idea Jasmine! That house is such a big part of your lives, renting seems like a good compromise!
    Good luck!

  5. Tim Wrightman

    What a beautiful house ,good luck with your new adventure .

  6. Cindy Bruce

    Wow! It’s so beautiful, I can’t believe you would want to leave. Your new home must be smashing!! ?

  7. Renee Dennis

    What a cool idea

  8. Jenna Keane Matier

    Amazing house! So close to the beach! And stunningly beautiful of course!

  9. Norma

    OMG this amazing! So excited for you and Brett. Congratulations!!! Wish we lived closer, I want so much to visit!

  10. Angel Adams

    This is really amazing! So excited for you and your family. It’ll be so fun to rent this house someday in the future. I’ve watched ALL of your shows. I love your interior design finesse and re-design too❤️ We’re celebrating our 13 th wedding anniversary next Monday 9/7/20 and b/c of Covid-19 we are just planning to stay close by home… we have 9 yr old boy/girl twins who were born in San Diego( we lived there 6 years) but while living there we would travel often to Huntington Beach- one of me and my husbands absolute favorite beach towns.
    Can’t wait to start a great family memory- renting your beautiful home someday??❤️

  11. Luisa Kroll

    Gorgeous!! Now all I have to do is get myself from NYC to California!

  12. Linda

    It’s beautiful and who wouldn’t want to rent it! Love your design.

  13. Jeannette Moffat

    It’s beautiful. If I ever get to California I would definitely rent this house. Congrats!!

  14. Ana Monteverdi

    Amazing!! How many does it sleep? We are looking to go to California next year June/July time frame. Family of 6. Celebrating 20 year wedding anniversary, high school graduation, sweet sixteen, grammar school graduation, 50th birthday and entering the middle school years!!

    • Jasmine

      It sleeps 9 guests! 🙂

  15. MaryBeth Swanson

    How cool! HB holds a special place in my heart. My in-laws live there and I am very familiar with the area. We usually stay at the Hilton when we visit but we may have to stay on 11th St next time! Love your design and all your posts. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Paola

    Congrats, it is definitely a gorgeous & cozy house! As always, you’ve done a fantastic job.
    Good luck to you and your adorable family in your future ventures!! With love, Paola

  17. Jody

    Such a great idea. I hope you get lots of renters and they treat your home as you would. It certainly is beautiful!

  18. Heidi Vega

    Awesome! I’m sure you’ll have a lot of success with this. It’s a beautiful place and HB is a great beach city. Good luck!

  19. Michele Kaplan

    Beautiful home!!!! I only wish that I lived on the west coast. We live on the East Coast.(Massachusetts)
    But maybe a trip to the west coast would be nice and renting your home someday! Your daughter Hazel is just adorable! I love watching your IG strories and following you on IG! Your shows are amazing!

  20. Karen

    Gorgeous house, I would feel the same way you and Brett do.
    Hope the Airbnb goes great!

  21. MJ

    Awesome idea! Your home looks so lovely… I’m sure it will be a great success.

  22. Roberta Johnston

    So so excited to hear your news!!! Love the name too, it’s so beautiful and will totally be a retreat and will be a wonderful place for so many families to make their own memories!
    #waytogohazelsmomanddad ??

  23. Beth Sczerzen

    Jazz, this is an awesome idea! Bob and I rent VRBO and Airbnb all the time! With the family being out there, we will definitely come visit!

  24. Terri

    So hard to leave such a gorgeous home! You’ll make brand memories at your new home which I’m guessing is equally as gorgeous! Good luck!

  25. Tara

    How exciting!! So happy you are not selling and sharing it with everyone.?

  26. Shannon Cook

    Yeah!!!!! Book it!!!

  27. Rebekah Bailey

    That is amazing, plus you get to keep that special place that you can show Hazel one day. I’m happy for all of you and people can see your special talents up close and not just on TV. Thank you for being a beautiful family❤️

  28. Jamie

    So Happy for you, Great idea. Best of luck

  29. Sharyon

    Great idea. Enjoy this new season of y’alls life in the new home?❤️

  30. Erin

    I didn’t think you could do short-term rentals in HB! That’s cool!

    • Jasmine

      Yep! The rentals have to be for 30-day stays or longer 🙂

  31. Laura Saavedra

    This is exciting news! Hope I can rent it one day. maybe this is my covid vacation location. It’s close to home.
    Your home is so beautiful!


    Wow! Awesome treat but 30 day minimum is too much of a stay for most people. I tried to book for a weekend in Oct. Beautiful home and great entertainment set up.

    • Jasmine

      Thanks Maria! As of right now the city’s rules are 30-day minimum stay for short-term rentals, but if that ever changes we’ll for sure look into shorter time frames for booking 🙂

  33. Michelle Ann Brownfield

    Wow ? what an incredible adventure. Your home is gorgeous and I would love to stay there. Good luck y’all.

  34. Ana Peixoto

    Do you accept renters from Brazil???
    ha ha ha!
    The tental idea is great, because it is a wonderful house!!!
    Good luck!!

  35. Regina Wilson

    Awesome idea the house is beautiful thanks for sharing a part of you!!

  36. Ana

    Wow, pretty exciting new indeed!!! love it! I’m a fan from Brazil and me and my husband want to visit California soon and would be pretty great renting your house! Amazing! it’s on my wishlist already

  37. Regine Atwood

    AAAAH so stinking awesome!!!!

  38. DQ

    Beautiful, love to stay. Cali is not on the list to visit again for some time now. Good Luck with this new journey.

  39. Trish @simplifinding

    Congratulations! I still walk by our first home and wish we kept it, so I know how you feel. There’s good mojo there so I’m sure you will have a great experience moving forward! ?

  40. Liz

    Omg! I’m def. Going to spend a weekend here

  41. Deirdre

    We ride bikes from Lake Park and down 11th to PCH. I happen to notice the small cottage with the painted concrete from one your shows and then recognized your nearby house as well! Great idea to keep it as an investment. Love the pictures.

  42. Lou

    Excellent idea And you still have your house with all the many memories

  43. Naomi

    What a beautiful home. Not to throw a monkey wrench into your plans, but I thought Huntingon Beach does not allow short-term rentals – anything under 30 days. You may want to look into the city code.

    • Jasmine

      Hi Naomi! This rental has a 30-day minimum stay 🙂

  44. Elizabeth Monfort

    The house is beautiful! Congratulations, great decision. Will you ever be renting the house out
    for anything less than “30 days”, more short term?

    • Jasmine

      As of right now the city’s rules are 30-day minimum stay for short-term rentals, but if that ever changes we’ll for sure look into it! 🙂

  45. Wilna Feliciano

    Awesome house n congratulations on ur new adventures! The house is gorgeous . The baby is adorable! Be safe ?

  46. Mary Torres

    Thank You for sharing your beautiful home with us I’m sure it was a hard decision.


    Such an Exciting Business Venture!! .. Being a Landlord for more than 25 years I call this a ‘WIN WIN!’ ..
    You’ve Got Nothing to Lose ( your Beautiful Home Filled w/Treasured Memories you get To Keep!) & Also Provide an Amazing Business Opportunity! ..
    I know People will be So Anxious To Experience this Gorgeous HB Home that You 2 built! .. How FUN! ✌??

  48. Tammy LaTour

    Great choice to share and hold onto it. Can you give details on the woven blinds in the living room. Were you happy with them? Just what I’ve been looking for.

  49. Ingrid

    Congratulations, is a special house… beautiful !! We are traveling next year in July to California, and I will love to stay at your house. I live in Colombia, we love to watch your shows with my husband and my daughter. Your work is just amazing !!! Big Hugs for Baby Hazel .

  50. kathleen lukasiewic

    I wish i was planning a visit to California cuz i would stay there in a heartbeat!!! best of luck to you and your beautiful family I love love love everything you design!!!


    HGTV my favorite channel

    My wife and I love Hidden Potential. We wish you good luck in this “new work” THE BLOG.

    In fact we appreciate so many other programs – Good Bones, Fixer Upper, House Hunters,
    Windy City Rehab — It´ll be Back for Season Two buying & restoring historic Chicago homes , Fixer to Fabulous,Home Town, Property Bros., Love it or List it, Love it or List it Vancouver, Love it or List it Australia – yesterday evening, Park Orchards, Victoria, Australia, an amazing house and a lovely family, a couple who have nine kids Oh, my God!, obsviously re-design the house to make it open plan Series 1 Episode 7.

    But and about your house, it´s simply amazing the idea of renting. The house is wonderful.



    By the way, CA was our favorite vacations August 2014.

    We drove from San Diego to Napa Valley – and Yosemite National Park.

    In spite of visiting so many places in Europe, America is top.
    The best trip we’ve ever done.

    And California reminds me my city with beaches and sunny days. Now, for example, 03:58 PM here – 11:58 CA USA, and 34°C = 93,2°F winter. Winter?

    That´s the way it is.

    Till next time


  53. Meryl Harley

    Congratulations!!! Great decision – sounds like a win-win for you and your family. and Yes, this is where I would love to stay on my next visit to sunny Southern California. It is perfect!!!

  54. Tiffany

    That’s awesome! I’d stay there in a heartbeat!

  55. Marie Varga

    WOW that is a big step for you both ..with it being your first home with so many memories ..i hope you find great renters .if i was coming out that way it would definitely be somewhere i would want to stay . congratulations and here’s to a great future of great responsible renters who will love it just like you both do

  56. Sue

    It’s wonderful to share your home with others. It is just beautiful and so nice you can keep it and all the memories you created over the years.

  57. Sara

    Yay! What a wonderful idea! Congratulations on everything! You’ve have an exciting year. Wishing you the very best!

  58. Mary Sweezer

    What a beautiful, & oh so special home. Those memories Would be so hard to let go.❤ great idea to rent it out!

    Best of luck to you, Brett & baby Hazel

  59. Stacy Office

    That’s awesome. Hope I get to rent it one day.

  60. Estelle Durocher

    Wow that home is absolutely beautiful. I wish I was the one to rent it. Looks like an amazing spot. Watch you all the time. Love from Canada!! ???

  61. Jeneen

    Its absolutely gorgeous!!! I would love to stay there while visiting Cali.

  62. Old Grannie of 6

    Wishing you nothing but success in this new adventure. Won’t be heading out too California in this lifetime but, maybe the next.

    We are the age of day getaways because it’s easier on us plus our kids/grandkids know we’ll call early when we arrive at a destination if we feel it’s too late to drive home. Only upside of getting old is we can stay as long or as short as we want.

    Next big plans are for 2022 to take the trip we had to cancel for family with major health issues and family always comes first so…here’s hoping we make it to that 50th wedding anniversary in 2022 and finally get to go where we originally wanted to go on our 40th .

  63. Michael Cuff

    I think its great you’re keeping the house in the family. Hopefully anyone who rents it will have a positive impact on your life. I also hope to rent it one day. Ive been to San Francisco,Oregon, and Maui, but never south of San Francisco. Good luck on your future endeavors…remember, always smile and stay humble.

  64. Kim Carroll

    Oh! What a great idea!!! Gorgeous home! If we didn’t live nearby, we would definitely be staying there on vacay. 🙂

  65. Zee Florist

    wow well done Jasmine, this house looks superb and yet homely , just what holiday makers would fall in love with.

  66. Karin

    Is it really a 30 day minimum??


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