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How to Refresh Your Work From Home Space

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Over a year into this pandemic, you’re probably not alone if you’re looking around, trying to figure out how to refresh your work from home space.  Even if you already worked from home before all this, you probably need to spruce up your work station!  We all need to do it from time to time.  It’s just good practice, people!  I finished writing my new book, and since it was so many years in the making, it was time to spruce up the old desk after I wrapped that up!

How to Refresh Your Work From Home Space, The Blog by Jasmine Roth

How to Refresh Your Work From Home Space

Step 1

Take everything out of your desk or workspace and go through it.  That’s right – take it all out!  This might seem like an annoying step, but it’s oh-so necessary.  You probably have stuff cluttering up your space that you don’t even need anymore (or worse, to-do lists you forgot to do – yikes!).

Step 2

Clear the whole surface to start over.  If you’re sitting at the kitchen table or countertop at your kitchen island, ask yourself if that still works for you, or is there a better solution to try out?  Regardless, clearing out the space is always a good idea so you can give it a deep clean and reevaluate your setup.

Step 3

Now that you’ve cleared everything out and cleared the surface, you know what needs to stay and what can be put away.  File away anything you don’t need immediate access to or digitize it.  You might find a lot of things to shred – how freeing!

Step 4

Assess your work station: What’s working?  What isn’t working?  Do you need a new chair/desk/lamp?  Is your back killing you?  What’s making that happen?  This leads me to our next step…

Step 5

Make sure your desk or work station is as ergonomic as possible.  I’ll admit it: I’m not always the best at this!  But if your back hurts every day (or your wrists or your neck…) – HELLO!  That probably means something isn’t aligned right with your desk/computer/chair combo.  I looked up best ergonomic practices for the desk and let me tell you, I was shocked at how much of this I WASN’T doing!

Step 6

Once you fix the way you’re sitting, you’re ready to get inspired!  Set up a cork board so you can hang things that motivate you or spark your creativity.  If you don’t have anywhere to hang anything, maybe you have space for a small tray or basket of things that make you happy.

Step 7

Add a plant – my favorite step for any space!  Real or fake, a plant will add a happy pop of green to your work station – DO IT! 🙂

Step 8

Make small design swaps that make you happy!  Maybe you have the budget for a new rug under your desk (or “shop” a rug from somewhere else in your house). Maybe you can switch out your desk hardware for something different.  Maybe you can add a cute pillow to your chair.  Maybe it’s as simple as getting a fun new planner or stationery!  If it makes sitting at your desk for a long time a little bit more enjoyable, go for it!

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  1. Donna

    Have you ever done something creative with the doors that cover the water heater/Hvac closet? They are such an eye sore in a small place.


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