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How to Prep Your Outdoor Area for Spring


Okay, so I fully recognize the happiness that Spring brings for most of y’all.  I’ll admit, we’re a little (okay, a LOT) spoiled in Southern California being able to use our outdoor spaces 365 days a year, but you have to remember that I didn’t grow up in Southern California.  I grew up in Virginia and when Spring started to peek its head around the corner (think daffodils and warmer weather) we were EXCITED!!  All we wanted to do was pack up our winter jackets, wear cute shoes, and be WARM again.

So in that mood, today I’m spilling my 3 best tips for getting your backyard/outdoor spaces ready for spring.  And even if you live in a warmer climate, these tips will help you refresh your spaces and give you the joy of Spring the rest of us are feeling right now!

How to Prep Your Outdoor Area for Spring

Tip 1: Clean Your Windows

Okay, this might surprise you, but the first step to welcoming spring is… drumroll please… to CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS!  That’s right, your windows have taken a beating all winter and chances are they’re DIRTY.  So by cleaning them now (also remove storm windows and install screens, if that’s how your windows work) and not waiting until the middle of the summer, you’ll immediately feel more connected to your outdoor spaces.  Whether you clean them yourself or hire a window cleaning company (I use Stanley Window Care in OC and they’re GREAT), having clean windows is a step you shouldn’t ignore!

Tip 2: Clean Everything Else

Uncover and CLEAN your outdoor furniture, rugs, pillows, BBQ, and umbrellas.  This seems like a no-brainer, but if you’re like me you want to skip this step and just get everything set up.  But no, we need to clean our stuff and we need to do it right cause if we do it FIRST THING, it will set us up for success all season.  Sooooo, how do you clean outdoor furniture?  Well, it’s actually not that tough.  My recommendation is to do this on a warm and SUNNY day.  You’re gonna be using some water and you want to make sure everything dries properly.  You’ll want a hose and a bucket, some dish soap, and a bristle brush.  Something like this brush works great.  Take everything out and, piece by piece, hose down all sides, scrub with warm soapy water, and then rinse with the hose.  It might feel weird to use this technique on your upholstery but this is the way to do it!  TRUST ME!  The upholstery will turn white with the soap, then you’ll rinse it and it will seem SUPER WET, but then you’ll set it in the sun to dry and when it does – ALL YOUR FURNITURE WILL LOOK BRAND NEW!  This technique works with pillows, outdoor rugs, umbrellas, and BBQ covers.  GOOD LUCK!


This one might seem strange and I get it.  You’re probably thinking – spring is coming, everything is about to bloom, why would I buy a new random plant?  But TRUST ME when I tell you not to underestimate the power of a nice new plant in your outdoor space.  Whether it’s a succulent on your outdoor coffee table, a planter with a fresh green plant on your outdoor dining table, or a nice healthy fern out by your kid’s playground, just one nice, GREEN, pretty plant will immediately make your space READY FOR SPRING.

Tip 4: Have fun!

Bonus tip!  After your space is all set up for Spring, kick off the season with something FUN!  Why not set up a s’mores bar?  Get a fire pit going (or if you don’t have a fire pit, you can still make the s’mores on your stove or in your microwave and enjoy them outside) and set up a cute little station with a s’mores bar that has all the fixings you need for an EPIC s’more!

Oh, and I almost forgot – I want to see your spaces.  Take a photo of you cleaning, or a photo of your finished space, or even of your nice new GREEN plant and post it on socialTag me and use #MyJasmineRothStyle for a chance to be featured.  And lastly, cheers to Spring – it’s just around the corner!


  1. Joan

    Just a tip when you’re washing your outside stuff with dish soap and water… Add a little Jet Dry to the water… that way you won’t have water spots after rinsing and sun drying.

  2. Janey Tucker

    I’ll have to admit, HGTV as always been my “go to serenity” channel; but having these fun filled emails from you stuffed with EVERYTHING for life and home……..TOTALLY AWESOME !!!! I commend you for your casual Cali style, believe it or not from this FL girl !!!! When I saw how you ‘Rocked the Block’ and exposed the ‘Hidden Potential’ of your competition home, it saved me from shouting: “Help! I Wrecked My House !!”
    Kudos Jasmine!!! I sooooooo wish you could come to FL and discover the ‘Hidden Potential’ of my lil ole cottage !!!!

  3. LORI

    Thank you for all your tips. They’re so helpful.


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